New Jacobs and a Thanks

First off, thank you so much to all the informative responses to my chicken dilemma.  I think I’m going to go with the suggestion of getting a few of each breed that I’m interested in.  And, yes, I’m going to get myself some banties.  I really really like those little guys!  I just have to decide WHICH banty I’m going to get… Ahhh, decisions decisions.  But, I do like the idea of Americaunas and Wynedottes.  Both of those sound like a good match for me.  I want to look up a few more breeds that you ladies mentioned but I’ve got time to really nail down what I’m getting for sure.  I don’t even have a chicken coop yet! HA! That’s the trouble and blessing of buying land that is basically bare except for a little shack and some fencing.

So, I’ve been visiting my new Jacobs over at my mother-in-law’s house trying to figure out whos who.  I have a few that I am sure about but like a dummy I didn’t take my paperwork there when I took these photos the other day.  I need to go back with the registration forms that their previous owner filled out and really figure them out.  Getting one or two sheep at once is a lot easier than a bunch!


Thank goodness for Photoshop so that I can zoom in and read their ear tags, (another good reason to tag your sheep, so that whomever buys them knows who they are!).  But it seems to me that about three of them have 0008 which is “April”.  I’m not sure how accurate that is or if I am just getting confused in the photos.  I was sure that the ewe above, being kind of the ring leader of the bunch, was either Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca or Chicory Lane Emma.  But it looks like her tag says 0008… So, I’m not exactly sure who she is just yet.  Which calls for another visit to Charlotte’s Hen House.


This ewe I was sure was April (Chicory Lane Emma x Chicory Lane Houdini) because she has four horns like the paperwork says and her tag is, yep, 0008.  But, I kinda got thinking that maybe….

This just in — Joan’s not as confused as she once was.  She has found their scrapie tag numbers and the two horned ewe above is indeed Chicory Lane Emma (Culloden Isaiah x Marsh View Carolina).  Whew!


I’m back from my complete state of confusion and things are now looking up.  The ewe on the right, with the four horns is Castle Rock’s Princess (Chicory Lane Houdini x Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca) and the wether with the funky horns on the left is “no-name.”  Apparently the previous owner kept him because “he has the best fleece.” 


This little lady here is Duke’s sister, Castle Rock’s Duchess (Chicory Lane Houdini x Chicory Lane Emma).  Her ear tag was very clear and legible – it also helped that she fit her description on her registration form perfectly.  She is about 65% black like her brother.


Duchess again.


I’m not completely sold on who this is, but I *think* it’s Castle Rock’s Aphrodite (Chicory Lane Houdini x Kenleigh’s Kiara).  Every time I tried to take a picture of her tag it was perfectly behind her horn and I couldn’t get a clear view of it. 


And if the two horned lady at the top was Emma, then this has got to be Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca (Marischal Doug x HIllside Gidget’s Midge).  Both Emma and Boudicca have an heir about them, like they’re the matriarchs of the flock and they take every thing in stride.  They seem to be the most personable too.


And after zooming in on this lady I believe her tag says 0009 so that would be Castle Rock’s Sprinkles.


She is out of Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca and by Chicory Lane Houdini.


“Hi! I’m April”  “Hi, my name is April”  “Me too!”  “Me Four!”  “I wanna be April too, she’s pretty!”


Oh, I’ll get this figured out… Someday. 😉


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. They are a good looking group of sheep. No picture of Kiara? Yes, getting a big bunch of sheep and trying to figure out who is who is really difficult. We bought a flock of 30, 2 years ago and the previous owners didn’t believe in ear tagging or castrating. So that was a lot of fun trying to figure out who was who. Luckily the lambs weren’t weaned yet and I knew who all the moms were, so I think we finally figured it out 🙂 That is how Dub’s mom, Darby, came to be in our flock!

  2. Wow Shannon, good thing you knew who the ewes were! I cannot imagine trying to figure out who 30 sheep are… Just this handful drove me a little batty. 😉 Obviously.
    I will get a picture of Kiara as soon as I remember who she is. It’s funny, I told you she was a nice looking ewe and then in all my pictures, I think she’s in only one. The group shot, I think she’s on the right. I’ll get one though, and send it to you. Thanks for the compliment. They are nice!

  3. Very pretty… I love to look at pictures of sheep, I could do it all day long. You will get use to which one is which after you have them around for awhile. Wow, I don’t know how you did it either Shannon. Sounds like some of your lambs will come early and some will come late for you next year. Two different groups from two different sires. Are you in the Scrapie program? Very nice flock Joan…

  4. OH,OH,I forgot to mention when I suggested Cuckoo Marans for chicken breeds you might consider I meant to say Black Copper Marans are even better and very rare. We have a breeder of them just North of us in Washington (Cree Farm). They lay the most beautiful super dark brown/reddish speckled eggs on earth.

  5. Lovely group of sheep! I especially love Sprinkles face! 🙂 I really like the bantys too…one thing to keep in mind if you have extended periods of mud or snow the ones with the feathers on their legs can have problems. The one thing about Cuckoo Marans I heard that turned me off of them is that they eat more than most of the other dark egg layers.

  6. I really like that four horned ewe on the far right in the group picture! There are still some pictures at: and that might help you identify them. I had a similar identity crisis when 7 sheep were delivered to me. Some were going to the other homes and I had to figure who was Rosemary and who was Naomi. Thank goodness for eartags, as they both looked very much alike.

  7. Thank you for the links Linda. I had lost the adresses and went back to the Castle Rock website but all the Jacob links were taken down and just the Nigerian Dwarf goats remain. So, that is a big help! Thanks! 😀

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