Christmas Wishlist

I heard on the radio last week in a discussion about our current recession and the question was asked, “How will the Christmas shopping be affected?”  The man’s reply was I think quite accurate.  People will not be so luxurious in their spending but more practicle.  People won’t be going nuts on spending and certainly not on frivilous things but on things that people might need; but everyone is sure to have something under the tree in a regular household.

With that in mind, I was thinking about what I would want for Christmas.  Sure, I have a fleece jacket habit that won’t quit and so does Hubby but in all seriousness how many do you need?  So I am now going through my new Premier 1 Supplies catalogue and came up with quite a few items that I’d like to find under my tree and a few items that I don’t find in Premier 1 as well.

  1. A manure spreader, one that tows behind my quad.
  2. EasyTag-1, I actually prefer the lime color; with how many lambs we are expecting this year it is about time I get my act together and actually start tagging and making some sort of sense to my tagging routine.


3.  Of course to go with my tags, I’d need a Premier 1 tag applicator to go with it.

4.  I am so tired of chasing my sheep around the pen that I want two, that’s right, T-W-O of these puppies; The “Premier” Fiberglass crook.  I like the looks and the novelty of the Sweet Chestnut Wooden Crook but in all practicality (there’s that word!) the fiberglass seems a better buy.

5.  Now I think this is one of the coolest gadgets yet, a Gambrel Restrainer, two of the small ones should fit the bill.  It is lightweight enough and small enough to carry around on the quad and my sheep are also small and lightweight enough to carry around on the quad too, if such a need should arise it’d be nice to be able to do this and have them restrained in an emergency.  And yes, I did say “gadget” but really it is a practicle one!

6.  My all time, must have, is this Flock Managemnet Guide.  I do have a leather journal that I keep notes in and birthdates etc, but this seems like it’d be something worth having around.  Hopefully it has a better way of organizing things than I do; I seem to do everything the hard way.

7.  A couple of these “Premier” Heat Lamps would be really nice.  They seem so much more safe and affective than your regular feed store kind.  And I’d have to have a couple of bulbs to go along with them.


8.  This thing is so cool, a Navel Cup.  I normally use a little glass jar to hold my iodine and to dip the umbellical chords in to, but this thing looks so much easier and better to deal with.  My way is messy and a pain in the rear if the lamb kicks a lot, wich they normally do.


I could seriously go on and on with my list from Premier 1 but will stop so that you don’t quit reading my blog.  Anyway, I wanted to ask, what is on your list that is practicle this year?  Have you made any changes in your shopping for others?


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Looks like a very good list to me. I use the same ear tags in the same color that are on your list. I have my farm name lazer etched by Premier 1 on the tags. It takes both my hands to squeeze the applicator so I need another person to help apply tags. I found the iodine cup very awkward to use. I use the plastic cover that comes with my syringes from Premier 1. I believe they are the disposable Monojet brand. They are larger at the top and narrow at the bottom and long enought to fit all of the hanging navel. The best part is you can just throw them away when you are done, no cleaning. I might pick up one of those heat lamps also and use it only until the newborns are dry then they don’t need extra heat anymore. It’s so easy to spend a fortune in that wonderful catalog, they have almost everything a breeder needs.

  2. A manure spreader is really big on my wish list! Santa, are you listening?
    I have a gambrel and it’s ok and you’ll find times when it you are so glad you have it, but I find it easier to just secure the sheep next to the fence with a halter and a “flank strap” when I need to do anything serious and I’m by myself. I used to use empty film canisters for iodine dips, but digital has done away with that. I use spray iodine now. Your good Jacob ewes will probably get your lambs dry and up and nursing without the need for a heat lamp :-). I have to stay away from the Premier catalog, although the new one is still sitting the coffee table.

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