Duke & Frances – Jacob Rams

We’ve recently, as in two weekends ago, picked up a whole flock of Jacob sheep.  They came from a very nice home where they were all extremely loved and taken care of but unfortunate circumstances required them ALL finding new homes.  We live about five hours north of where they were located and it was really too good of a deal to pass up.  We also hated to see such a nice group of sheep go to the auction which is where they were bound for had no one spoken for them.  These sheep are so nice  that they all wear dog collars  and walk surprisingly well on them.  We had a couple that bounced around but for the most part they’re pretty well mannered.


The first two, out of eleven, that I’ll introduce to you are the rams.  They were both born this spring of ’08 and both are twins.  Their sisters, moms and other ladies are all visiting my mother-in-law’s sheep for a bit while they get bred to our ram Raider. 

The four horned dude above is whom I plan on registering as Castle Rock’s Frances.  His registration form was filled out with his proper prefix but he didn’t have a name to call him by.  I decided on Frances because he seems to be a bit of a whiner.  I’m not saying that every one named Frances is a whiner, just that is seems like such a soft name; a pansy of sorts.


If you are a Frances, then I apologize, it’s just what comes to mind, that’s all.


This is his brother in the hood, Castle Rock’s Duke.  His twin’s name is… yep, you guessed it, Duchess.    Duke has a very nice wide horn set, very strong two horns and Hubby felt his fleece as he unloaded him out of the trailer and said it is very soft.  That’s a big deal when Hubby can tell these things!


Brother Duke and Brother Frances (as I like to call them), seem to be enjoying the pastures with the green grass.  It is just nubbins and they aren’t technically in the pastures, just a large holding pen for the rams which is about a quarter acre but it is larger then their other home and the grass, though nubbins is still grass.


Their biggest claim to fame, though, is that their sire is Chicory Lane Houdini who is now owned by Robin at Meridian Jacobs.  Houdini was actually brought over by Duke and Frances’ previous owner from Pennyslvania.  We own the ewe that was shipped with Houdini at the time, Chicory Lane Emma, too.


Houdini and Emma were actually brought to California by their previous owner because their wool is so nice and so are their breeding lines.  I have more to learn about that, but it’s nice to know that we have some good stock on this here ranch.  Notice the gate and H’s in the background?  Yep, that’s what you get with a ram pen. 😉


“Don’t look at me!  He did it!”


“If you ain’t careful, I’ll demonstrate here and now.”

Actually, neither one of those did it… But I can tell you that Shannon at Kenleigh Acres can give a good guess!


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  1. Oh I like the horns on Duke, nice and dark, large and swept wide. Both of your boys have the same muzzle patch that their sire has. Chicory Lane is now dispersed but was very well known for having nice horn structure and wonderful fleeces. I’m sure you have some good ones there. I thought about picking up Emma last year but it just didn’t work out. Bad timing.

    I am so jealous of your sun shine. We have rain,rain and more rain here. 20+ rivers overflowing their banks a busted dam, mud slides, evacuations, flooding everywhere. Can you send some of your sun north please.

    Your Annie and Elizabeth have almost the same color eyes, Beautiful….

  2. I have never seen sheep with horns like that. I love Frances. His horns make him look clown like. In a good way. He is cute.

  3. Thanks for the little bit of info on Chicory Lane Mary. I didn’t know that they are dispersed, I guess I’m lucky to have a few! I think that Duke is one that I’ll be keeping, though I have had four horned rams up until now, I actually prefer two and his are nice and wide. Hubby said his fleece was reall noticably soft too! That’s a great sign. 🙂 Praying for some relief up in your area, I hadn’t heard of the flooding. Sending some sunshine too…

    Thanks Ellyn, they are characters. The Jacob sheep are very fascinating and will always surprise you when the are born, you can never guess what you’ll get. 😀

  4. What gorgeous boys! I have a little Jacob ewe, Rachael, and she’s a hoot. Very scatty and silly and she can jump about 4 feet into the air from a dead stop. Quite the little show off.

  5. Not being much of a bird person, I think “that one” (heard that recently on TV)is a cactus wren in my country. Probably is a more scientific name for it somewhere. Belle Starr is doing absolutly great. Packing a five year old now around. She is the littlest star here and we love her. Wish you’d come and see her sometime you are in Arizona. Let me know first, she needs to go on a diet. She wears a 32-34 belt!!!!! Really you are welcome anytime. Lana

  6. I’m so glad you’re back, I’ve missed your posts! You had me chuckling with the naming of Frances….it does fit. 🙂 Good looking rams…and I’m glad you were able to rescue that lot of Jacobs!

  7. Welcome back to blogging! I’ve missed seeing your pictures and hearing about your flock.
    Houdini’s twin, Copperfield, was flock sire at StoneCroft in PA. His full brother, Salvadore, is a flock sire at Southwind Farms http://www.southwindfarms.org/sheepsales.htm If you click on the Patchwork Dandy link next to Salvadore’s name, you’ll bring up a picture of Dandy with his sire, Unzicker Asher standing behind him. Houdini’s dam, Salvadora, is a wonderful ewe. Her dam, Achta, was a spectacular ewe that produced consistently nice lambs. Dandy’s dam, Viva, had done pretty well in producing nice lambs,too :-). Dandy’s fleece was fine enough that it was sent to be micron tested by JSBA for his registration. He made it at 24.3 microns, which is on the fine side of Jacob fleeces. Chicory Lane Emma’s parents are both pictured at http://www.showphar.com
    Katrina has a great eye and the Chicory Lane flock was one of the best. Congrats on your new guys!! Linda

  8. Wow thanks for the information and links Linda! I love learning about pedigrees and where everyone came from, especially with the long lines that we have in the Jacob breed.

    I’ve since found out (looking at the paperwork) that Duke and Duchess’ mom is Chicory Lane Emma, so I’m looking forward to waht these two produce for me. 🙂

  9. It is so nice to have the Castle Rock flock go to a breeder. It’s got to be incredibly difficult to sell such a nice flock. So glad they found a home at Mud Ranch.
    Emma’s dam, Carolina, raised at least two sets of triplets totally on grass.
    Don’t you just love the history of these great sheep!

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