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I’m usually not much a “political” person, though my hubby is and I find myself being more interested in politics as they start to affect me more by way of Annie’s future.  I think that if “Good men do nothing, evil abounds.”  That’s really been hitting home lately as some county wide politics have been ruining our way of life here in the country lately.  Thankfully a local law has been repealed and we hope to be back to normal around here sooner than later.  But, I wanted to share you this YouTube video which I found very shocking as it got my wheels turning.  Granted, you can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet and this flick as well as the paragraphs afterward that my hubby received in an e-mail should be considered and truly investigated.  I’m certainly not saying Vote Democrat or Vote Republican, but considering the claims of some people, this could truly affect our Nation.  Should we be governed by someone who is producing false documents and lying, let alone someone not born in our Nation?  Whether Democrat or Republican, if a person claims to be born here but isn’t, shouldn’t they be brought to light and prosecuted for lying to the people, whom they work for? 

I only throw this stuff out as food for thought…

State Of Hawaii Backs Andy Martin In Obama Birth Certificate Battle

November 1, 2008


(HONOLULU)(November 1, 2008) Internet powerhouse Andy Martin has ignited a firestorm in Hawai’i over Barack

Obama’s bogus “original” birth certificate. Martin won a stunning victory Friday afternoon (October 31st) when the State

of Hawai’i backed his assertion that there was an original, “typewritten, 1961” birth certificate, called a “Certificate of Live

Birth” or “COLB” in Hawai’i, that no one has previously seen. Hawai’i officials retrieved and examined the document after

Martin filed a lawsuit seeking access to the historic 1961 original.


Obama has falsely claimed to have placed the “original” on the Internet. has falsely claimed to have seen

this document and posted it on the Internet; that is not true. CNN has falsely ridiculed Martin.


Hawai’i officials have now refuted Obama’s false assertion.


Martin’s victory in Honolulu will roil the final weekend of the presidential campaign. Internet chatter is expected to explode

as the issue moves to the front page over Saturday and Sunday. Swing voters may be swayed by the exposure that

Obama has brazenly been lying to the American people. “We just lobbed a grenade into the final weekend of the

presidential campaign,” says Andy.


“I am ecstatic. I called Obama a liar. I called ‘’ I said CNN was sloppy and lazy and wrong.

And I was right. The State of Hawai’i has now backed me up. Whew. I knew I was right, but I feel a lot more comfortable

knowing that I have started to get the machinery moving in state government. The original document is now obviously

protected and safe from any tampering by Obama.


“My lawsuit started a firestorm in Hawai’i. The circuit judge has set a hearing for November 18th (a report in the Honolulu

Advertiser for November 1st for an earlier hearing date of November 7th is inaccurate; that date was cancelled)….

“…Obama lied.”


Martin lands in Chicago at noon, and will proceed to his office, for an afternoon news conference.


Martin is also soliciting financial support to fund his litigation in Hawai’i.






Internet Powerhouse and national anti-Obama leader, Author/Editor/Internet Columnist Andy Martin




National anti-Obama leader Andy Martin thanks Hawai’i officials for confirming his claims and exposing Barack Obama

as a liar and lays out his battle plan for the final 72 hours of the presidential campaign.




Southeast corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago


WHEN: Saturday, November 1, 3:00 P. M.

I don’t know, what do you all think?  Crazy or real?

PS:  Still borrowing a computer from hubby, camera memory cards are full, lots to share… tired of being without photoshop and my computer! 😉




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  1. Hey, welcome back, we missed you. Hope you and your family are well
    Packard is very busy with his girls and taking his job seriously.
    As far as the video, at this point in the election I wouldn’t put it past anyone to say anything to help their party and unfortunatly the desperite way if you are behind in the polls
    is to fabrocate stories. I would have thought by now, at this stage in the election, that if it were true the info would have been old news. Manufactured lies and stories are not new to politics and will always be there. I find the video a poor and sad attempt to try and convince those un-decided voters to vote for his party. How do we know for sure that the man speaking is who he claims to be unless we know him, especially on You Tube. Food for thought.

  2. This vdoe’s been out for several week after a thorough investigation. There has been a lawsuit against Obama, which is why this info hasn’t come out. The information is not supposed to be leaked out, but it is gradually. If you do the research you can find out everything about the lawsuit, the attorneys involved and why this has not been made public yet.
    Obama has repeatedly delayed the lawsuit by putting off requests for information. He is stalling so that he can be voted in to be president before the ‘crap hits the fan’.
    The democratic party is assisting in this withholding of information, so they won’t be made fools of as well.
    What will happen once all this iunformation is out, is that the USA will be the laughing stock of the entire world. Obama’s family in Africa are already laughing beause they know that Obama is not even a US citizen.
    It’s a sad shame, really.

    I voted for McCain. He loves this country and is not afraid to show it, even sacrificing his life for us all in war, unlike Obama who refuses to say the pledge to the flag or even wear a flag pin.
    Obama is a socialist and a closet terrorist supporter.

    God help us all if he should win.


  3. If this is all true it will “come out in the wash”. If there is an investigation going on the truth will come out, no mater what it might be. Tomorrow Obama will be our president, most likely, and for all those who have voted -good job- that’s all we can do. We will take a president that has the majority vote and hope he does what’s best for us all. I was not happy with either party but voted anyway. Remember that “God will help us all if he should win” or loose.

  4. I did just go vote today. The video is something to think about. It is scary to me if Obama wins but I feel that will most likely happen today. I hope that if he is elected he can do a good job. Hopefully we will see Palin in the future!

  5. lol! Carin,
    I’d love that. And will proudly vote for her if she ever runs for President.
    Any woman who can hold her own and gain respect against the big oil companies, the mondo fisheries, and rein supreme in a state where men outnumber women 8-1, has earned my vote 🙂


  6. Did anyone read 12 acres blog on 11/05. She hung the American Flag upside down 😦
    I really don’t understand the panic and anger in some peoples hearts, where does that come from, the unknown, the unproven, the different??? What ever happened to having faith that God will watch over us eternally?

  7. This is the first I’ve heard this (not surprising). Shoot, we heard more of Palin’s dirt in the first week than we ever learned of Obama. Shame on the media.

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