Monthly Archives: October 2008

Out of commission for now

I am writing this update from my husband’s shop computer, okay, actually it’s my father-in-law’s design computer that’s smarter than all of us put together.  Speak for myself right?  But the reason I am writing from here is because hubby left for a week last week and I took the opportunity and tore my office at home apart, put everything all over the couch and living room floor, sorted,  found new homes, threw away and organized it all.  I then hired (for free) my dad to come over and help my ready the room for paint.  Dad and I filled the holes from all the shelving, scrubbed the walls, and masked off the doors, windows and base board.  We then painted it a nice bright grass green, technically called Yellow Grass in a semi-gloss. 

After the paint was in and the carpet was cleaned, we rolled in Annie’s crib and dresser.  My office, my base, my home in home, has now become Annie’s bedroom.  We have a very small house, just under 1000 feet with a nice large bedroom, a nice large bathroom, a kitchen that is open in the living room and an office and storage room next to that.  Being that Annie has basicly taken over our little cozy living space, I was tired of her being all over the house so wanted to finally confine her to one room.  I am really enjoying this!  It is cute and I now have someplace to put all of her things, including the stroller and those baskets upon baskets of toys and stuffed animals… She’s a stuffed animal nut.

But the jest of my story is this… My computer is taken apart, stuffed into a corner and behind a baby gate.  It’s a sad fate especially since I really don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel as far as a new living place for it to be.  I miss my photoshop program, my camera is just about full and needs it’s brain emptied and I’m really at a loss as to what will happen.  It’ll most likely wind up in my room with me but until that happens, I’m here at the shop, without pictures.  I very very sad thing indeed.

I do have pictures to post once I can of the new room, I also went on a very long trip to Gardnerville, Nevada to deliver two horses we sold to a really neat place.  I’m excited to share that with you too.  So until then, be thinking of me rattling around in my little house without a computer… 😉