I <3 Huntington Beach

I guess that’s one thing I should have put on the tags that I’ve received where I’m supposed to state something that you don’t already know about me.  Seems that when I get those tags, my mind goes blank and I don’t know what to write… Then two weeks passed the post, I think of all sorts of things.

I am a country girl.  No doubt about it, always have been, always will be.  I love the fresh air, the mountains, the trees, the animals, and the peace.  But, I do love Huntington Beach, and I mean the beach, not just the city of.  I am drawn to that pier like a moth to a light bulb.

I tell people that it’s my “mecca.”  Something about the surf atmosphere, the smell of the ocean, the people watching and the beach life.

My family is from Long Beach, my parent’s moved up here where we are now back in the early seventies because the city was closing in around them.  But my grandma remained down there for as long as possible, my uncle moved away not too long ago, and my cousins are still there.

But since I was a little girl, my dad would always take me out to Huntington to walk the pier.  It’s length has been shortened since, and Ruby’s is on the end now.

Ruby’s is a definite plus though, they have the best shakes in the world.  One of my favorites is the Black Forest which is chocolate and black cherries.  It is mmm mmm good.

Hubby also grew up down in SoCal, in Santa Ana right on the Costa Mesa border.  He used to ride the bus down to Huntington to go surfing and would spend all day in the water catching the waves.  He’s still got quite a bit of beach boy in him, atleast he knows how to catch crabs still.  A lot braver than I am!

I love to listen to his surfing stories and he narrarates what’s happening in the water while I take photos.  This guy was my favorite to watch.  He’d catch almost every good wave, and I would guess that he was in his 50’s.  He had a gnarly hair do, a goatee, and some “killer” blonde streaks through is silvery hair.

He was definitely fun to watch and I almost stopped him as he ate is lunch with a friend at the end of the pier to show him the photos, but I was too chicken.  I walked on by… Too shy to talk to a stranger, that’s the country girl in me.

I know that so many people are attracted to Newport Beach, the high life, the fancy ways about it, but it just feels stuffy to me.  Sure I love eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then crossing over to the Newport pier but it doesn’t draw me in like Huntington.  I am comfortable in Huntington, with all walks of life.

There were a few surf competitions going on and this man was a contender for the senior group.  He did okay though there wasn’t a good set of waves during his heat.  He had some friends cheering from the pier though.  It was a good view.

Ever hear of “shooting the pier.”  I think you’ve got to be nuts to try it, those concrete pillars don’t give.  Shooting the pier is when you catch your wave and ride it on through the pillars to come out on the other side of the pier.  My dad used to do that, Hubby never wanted to… He thought it was crazy.

Taking a camera to Huntington is very rewarding.  There are so many things to shoot, from people, to nature, to structure.

There’s just so many that I just about filled up my memory card in my camera.  I was having more fun shooting away, trying to catch the waves with the surfers.

Enjoying my day with the family, and showing Annie where her Dada grew up.

And where her mama could have been watching her dada and not even known it.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Great shots!!! Glad you enjoyed your time in Orange County. Give us a call next time you come down this way and we will treat you to a shake a Watson’s in Old Town Orange, they make the best shakes in OC!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! I’m an ex-So. Cal girl too. 🙂 Spent many a sunny summer at HB. I keep thinking about moving to E. OR or E. WA when I retire, but I think that would be what I would miss the most…it’s a short trip from here to get a good lungful of ocean air, something I feel like I need every now and then. Great photos (as always)!

  3. Awesome photography. You sure have an eye for pictures. I love the shots of the 50’s guy on the surf board and the shot under the pier of the man carrying his board. Is Annie tasting the salt on her lips, what a great experience for her. I’m a Southern Cali girl also, born in Indio (desert) but lived many years in the San Diego area and the sounds and smells of the ocean is magical, it makes you feel good!!!

  4. I wish I could think of another word besides: “Stunning”!

  5. Saddle Mtn Rider

    I really enjoyed your beach photos. I think that it is interesting that you may have been watching your future husband without knowing it.

  6. What a cool place to grow up and go back and visit! Thanks for sharing all of the cool photos!

  7. Oh Wow! What great photos! I popped over while blog surfing. I love your blog. You have made me want to go to the beach. All your photos are SO cool. The country girl in me wouldn’t have stopped to show that man his photos but I bet he would have loved them!

  8. I’m a country girl at heart, too. Cities make me stressed and nervous.

    All your photos are just stellar as always.
    The pier photos, especially underneath are brilliant.

    Sure wish I could try one of those Black Forest Shakes. I love that
    flavor combination, too.



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