Good Girl

I think that I’ve been throwing around the term “Livestock Guard Dog” way too loosely.  I am sure that people who own “LGD’s” in their true state might be offended at me calling Abby an LGD.  Sure, I believe she is, she was definitely raised with sheep in puppy-hood, was born to very serious working dogs on a polypay ranch and we locked her in the pasture with them from ten weeks old to around four months old.  She definitely knows that the sheep are under her watch care and we often drive home to see her out in the pasture counting noses and just hanging out with the sheep.

Abby has the run of the place though, can squeeze between gates to come and go as she likes.  We don’t lock her with the sheep any more as I’d like to have her in our yard if there’s a threat there, or in the pasture if there’s a threat there.  I want more of a “Jack of All Trades, Master of All” kind of dog and that’s really what she’s become.  We certainly haven’t lost any sheep since Abby is on patrol.

Abby has also become a loyal family dog, loving me over Hubby (probably because I feed her and give her all the attention) but most importantly she has taken on Annie has part of her flock.  Abby isn’t quite a year old yet but has proven, since about four months of age, that she is everything we have hoped for and more.  I know that if Annie will toddle off, Abby will be right beside her and protect her with all she has.  That is comforting to know and they’ll have many years of growing together, since they’re twin sisters by different mothers, born the same year.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Oh wow! That middle photo is GORGEOUS! I just LOVE it. That’s a keeper to be framed and enjoyed for years to come. Too sweet. Good girl, Abby. 🙂

    ~Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  2. Very sweet! Lucky girls to have each other. Those are beautiful photos 🙂

  3. What a pair of cuties 🙂

  4. I personally believe that is what a “true” LGD is. Willing to encompass all in their “domain”. I hate to hear of completely unsocialized/unhandled LGDs…I realize I’m in the minority, but in the countries they came from they would rarely see humans and usually only their shepherds. Here in the US, anyway, our LGDs typically need to be able to interact with people to some degree. I think that Abigail is a wonderful example of an LGD, and I absolutely LOVE the photos of her and Annie!! 🙂

  5. How cute is that?! That doggie is lovin’ every minute of it!

  6. I love the photos of Abigail and Annie. They are just so wonderful and absolutely gorgeous too. How great to have a dog like that! Just wonderful

  7. That first pic is just too sweet.

  8. Nice to have such a loyal dog! Great photos!

  9. How sweet those pictures are! Abby has a very calm and gentle expression about her. What a great dog to raise with your little Annie. Oh yea, and the photographer did a great job capturing the moment.

  10. Beautiful posting. Our Buckwheat was a working dog on a farm before he came to us, it is nice to understand more about what he did.

    And those photos of your kids! Too beautiful!

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