Stampin’ and Makin’ Cards

Hubby is gone to his trade show so I’ve been making a mess of our counter space and making cards!  I brought out all my supplies and they’re littering the place, but since he’s gone, I don’t have to clean them up.  That makes me happy and boosts my creativity.

I’m certainly not happy that he’s gone, just about the mess thing.  It’s my mess and I love it. 

This card is for a couple, some friends of ours from church.  They’ve been trying and trying to have a baby and were finally blessed.  They’re gonna pop here any moment (she’s due the 15th) so I made them a card, and can you tell I’m pretty sure it’s a boy.  I’ve had that inclination from the beginning but the other day Todd was talking about his baby and said “He… it!”  Yeah, like I didn’t catch that… sure!  So they’re getting a blue card though it’s more of a soft teal mixture.  The stamps and craft paper are by Stampin’ Up! and the colors are Baja Blue, Soft Sky, and Chocolate Chip.  I absolutely love these colors together so much that…

I made another one with the same color scheme!  This time it is for a friend who has been giving me tubs and tubs full of hand-me-down clothes for Annie.  She has two girls, one in first grade and the other in kindegarten.  Jenni has been supplying me from the very beginning and I am very grateful to not have to shop for such a quick growing baby.

Sure, I buy her little things here and there that I can’t pass up but for the most part Jenni has me covered.

And here are the sister cards side by side.  What a happy pair.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I love those cards. Especially the colors…..and especially the horse card. That little circle thing on the right reminds me of a concho. 🙂
    I don’t stamp or make cards, but I do scrapbook. I know what you mean about having a place to just keep your stuff out for you when you get those creative bursts.
    It takes so much time to take everything out and set it all up…and then clean up. It’s so great to just set it up and leave it out 🙂

    Have fun!


  2. Your cards are absolutely stunning!

    I’m sure your friends will be delighted with their cards, I’d be hard pushed to choose my favourite between the two,I love them both, you have used a great choice of colour schemes.

    Well done 🙂

    What’s that old saying “Make hay whilst the sun shines” or should that be ” make cards whilst the hubby’s away”. It’s great to get your kit out and get creative, you have put me in the mood for making cards now lol


  3. Saddle Mtn Rider

    I am a beginning scrapper and i hope you dont mind if i steal your ideas..cute cards!

  4. Thanks for the kind compliments ladies! They are very much appreciated. 😀

    Saddle Mtn. Rider – Not at all! Steal away! LOL 😉

  5. Wow, your card looks lovely… i might try make one sometimes. 😉

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