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Things you may not know

My friend over at Laughing Orca Ranch tagged me oh… over a month ago… Okay July 24th to be exact.  That was the very day I got pretty sick and well, her tag sure didn’t go unnoticed because I saw that someone had linked to my blog on my stats.  So my deepest apologies to you LOR!  I am sorry it has taken me this long to reply but here goes…

I must reply with things that you may not know about me (I chose to do 5):

1.)  Believe it or not, I did not want my sheep.  There it’s out.  I really didin’t, I had raised suffolk sheep for 4H and was sick and tired of the whole scene.  I had done it for years and was worn out almost to the point of starting to bad mouth sheep and lamb meat when I got the chance.  My hubby actually was wanting some to breed and then eat the babies for meat.  We both sure didn’t like lamb but he thought that if we raised them, we’d save some money, and learn to like lamb. 

I told him that we would take four ewes, they were free afterall.  My godfather was actually the one who had them and as we backed the trailer up to the barn, he loaded all eleven!  You should have seen my eyes pierce my hubby as he kinda shrugged his shoulders and grinned.  Yeah, as if he would have stopped my godfather.  So I was grumbling, complaining and whining all the way home for an hour.  Something along the lines of, “These are your sheep.  I don’t want anything to do with them, they’re hard to take care of, die at the blink of an eye, get sick, and are horrible to eat.  They’re all yours.”

Yeah, that all lasted maybe a week.  Then there was the few favorites as the personalities started coming out.  Then the following spring we had a couple of lambs on the ground and everything was all over.  My mother juices started flowing and I was fawning all over the silly sheep.  Yep, and now look at me, a total nut.  These Jacobs are nothing like the Suffolk I used to have.  They don’t get sick, they forage for food, they taste awesome (did I just say awesome?) totally unlike your average market lamb.  They’re tender, non-gamey, lean and oh so good, not too much unlike beef really.  Shew, I feel better about getting that out.

2.)  I’m going to watch the Lippizzaner stallions perform this Thursday night!  Stay tuned for a report…

3.)  I’m a research aholic.  If I am interested in a new breed (Jacob sheep for example) I will research until I am blue in the face.  I do it with everything I’m interested in.  Anatolian Shepherds, Nikon lenses and cameras, Spanish type horses, Kiger mustangs, Photoshop CS3… the list goes on. 

4.)  In case you haven’t noticed, I love rare breeds (domestic).  They’re so interesting to me and I can’t learn enough about them.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of animal, although I admittantly am not interested in pigs in the slightest (sorry pig lovers!)  I love rare cattle, sheep, dogs, horses, even chickens of which I own none though the Old English breed has my ears perked.  I think that the rare breeds is essential to our way of living and shows us a bit of living history.  They are usually very hardy, exceptional in their products, and are so real if you know what I mean.  No they don’t mature in 28 days like people have bred animals to do for meat (chickens specifically) but they’re good and good for you!  What a thought, good for you! 

5.)  It is 9:21 p.m. and I still haven’t put the sheep away… Must pull myself away from the computer… Must leave… Must do chores still… Thankfully hubby and baby are in the other room sawing logs.  Until next time, enjoy.

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Happy Herefords come from California

Hubby’s been busy working, as you may know.  He’s been up way before the crack of dawn (2:00 a.m.) and home late.  Yep, he’s been hoing a pond, the guy won’t use a shovel because he thinks the banks won’t be as smooth.

He finally finished it the other day, and boy is he pooped.  Poor guy’ll sleep for three weeks straight, I’m sure.

Just kidding, only on the hoing a pond part.  He has been up at 2:00 a.m. most mornings and working seven days a week but not on the pond. 

Truth be told, he had some help from an excavator.

Okay and a bull dozer.  And actually these were taken back in June, before the mad rush at his shop.  And our pond is filled now, it’s water is clear, and the vegetation is starting to come back in in spots.

It’s a nice size though, big enough to swim in, and deep enough too as it’s probably 10′ deep at the deepest spot.  Hubby, Lonnie (the dozer guy) and Darrel (the dozer guy’s son, excavator boy), are standing down on a low spot, a place where the animals can get out if they so choose to fall in.  Where they’re standing has water, but only about 6″ deep.

Once all the equipment stopped, the cows started getting their curiosity perked.  They love the fresh dirt, and love the smell of the equipment.  It’s enough to turn these calm, placid creatures into raving lunatics.

They all went snarffing around the equipment and dirt, looking at every little item while we all talked and enjoyed the thought of how our pond would look in the future.

That’s when the calves started going for it, they couldn’t contain themselves much longer.  In the lead is Little Debbie, then Sir Loin, then Stew.  At this moment, I realized I’d be getting blurry pictures as it was going on 9:00 p.m. and the light was low.  I bumped up my ISO to it’s highest, 1600 and snapped away.  At this point a photographer has to reassure herself that the story is good enough to have blurry pictures.

I wonder what has stopped them cold in their tracks?



Jessica, their older yearling sister has come bounding off the dam.  I could hear three little voices cry, “Run away!  Run away!”

Smart little calves that they are, they dispersed in to the high grasses so as to be camoflauged.  Jessica would then have to single one of them out and would be delayed by deciding which one to go after.  A smart tacticle move on the calve’s part.

But Jessica found something quite alluring there on a hump of wet water grass.  Something smelt sooo good that even Layla had to join her on rubbing all over the stuff.  Crazy picture, I know, but they were all so smitten.

It must have been cat nip for heifers because there goes Jessica again…

…And back!  She was dashing all over the place…

…Until Layla gave her the scariest face she could muster and Jessica dashed off again.  I didn’t know that heifers could be so good at barrel racing, I think Jessica may have some hidden talent.  Anyone wanna give her a try?

The thing about the big cows is that they tend to slow down again quickly.  The calves then decide that since the big beasts have moved off the track, it is now safe for them to show their stuff.


This is Little Debbie, she is so stinkin’ cute I could squeeze her.  She is seriously ALL girl.

Meanwhile Mattilda has found that a dozer blade is quite nice for those hard to reach places.

These are the boys, Stew and Sir Loin.  They were hanging around in front of Lonnie’s truck so I snuck around to the off side and started shooting.  They saw my lens peeking out.

Sir Loin was the only brave one to come up though.  He has a very inquisitive personality and loves to bat his long white lashes at me.  I think he knows that he has an “in” with me being that his mama is Mattilda (my favorite, sweetest cow this side of heaven), and his sis is Jessica.

All three little hoodlums decided to wander off to see what else they could get in to.

Of course the boys, being boys, had to show off for Little Debbie and display their strong muscles in a good round of head-butt.  I don’t think she looks too impressed though.  Actually, most normal girls never really are.

It was then that they saw my poor old dog as a target (warning: it is going to get blurry but you will notice that the head’s are blurry showing action).

Sir Loin starts to charge while Oliver wheels.

Closing in on his target!…

Stew’s in the background, gearing up for back-up.

“Oh shoot, it’s that crazy lady again.”

“Be careful Sir Loin.  It looks like she could pounce at any moment!”

“Eeeek!  I think I can, I think I can… Eeeek!”

They make it past me and Sir Loin goes straight in to seeing how to un-hitch a trailer.  Typical guy.

Stew wrecks havoc with his mama Layla.

And Jessical is back to enjoying the tall green grass.