Things you may not know

My friend over at Laughing Orca Ranch tagged me oh… over a month ago… Okay July 24th to be exact.  That was the very day I got pretty sick and well, her tag sure didn’t go unnoticed because I saw that someone had linked to my blog on my stats.  So my deepest apologies to you LOR!  I am sorry it has taken me this long to reply but here goes…

I must reply with things that you may not know about me (I chose to do 5):

1.)  Believe it or not, I did not want my sheep.  There it’s out.  I really didin’t, I had raised suffolk sheep for 4H and was sick and tired of the whole scene.  I had done it for years and was worn out almost to the point of starting to bad mouth sheep and lamb meat when I got the chance.  My hubby actually was wanting some to breed and then eat the babies for meat.  We both sure didn’t like lamb but he thought that if we raised them, we’d save some money, and learn to like lamb. 

I told him that we would take four ewes, they were free afterall.  My godfather was actually the one who had them and as we backed the trailer up to the barn, he loaded all eleven!  You should have seen my eyes pierce my hubby as he kinda shrugged his shoulders and grinned.  Yeah, as if he would have stopped my godfather.  So I was grumbling, complaining and whining all the way home for an hour.  Something along the lines of, “These are your sheep.  I don’t want anything to do with them, they’re hard to take care of, die at the blink of an eye, get sick, and are horrible to eat.  They’re all yours.”

Yeah, that all lasted maybe a week.  Then there was the few favorites as the personalities started coming out.  Then the following spring we had a couple of lambs on the ground and everything was all over.  My mother juices started flowing and I was fawning all over the silly sheep.  Yep, and now look at me, a total nut.  These Jacobs are nothing like the Suffolk I used to have.  They don’t get sick, they forage for food, they taste awesome (did I just say awesome?) totally unlike your average market lamb.  They’re tender, non-gamey, lean and oh so good, not too much unlike beef really.  Shew, I feel better about getting that out.

2.)  I’m going to watch the Lippizzaner stallions perform this Thursday night!  Stay tuned for a report…

3.)  I’m a research aholic.  If I am interested in a new breed (Jacob sheep for example) I will research until I am blue in the face.  I do it with everything I’m interested in.  Anatolian Shepherds, Nikon lenses and cameras, Spanish type horses, Kiger mustangs, Photoshop CS3… the list goes on. 

4.)  In case you haven’t noticed, I love rare breeds (domestic).  They’re so interesting to me and I can’t learn enough about them.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of animal, although I admittantly am not interested in pigs in the slightest (sorry pig lovers!)  I love rare cattle, sheep, dogs, horses, even chickens of which I own none though the Old English breed has my ears perked.  I think that the rare breeds is essential to our way of living and shows us a bit of living history.  They are usually very hardy, exceptional in their products, and are so real if you know what I mean.  No they don’t mature in 28 days like people have bred animals to do for meat (chickens specifically) but they’re good and good for you!  What a thought, good for you! 

5.)  It is 9:21 p.m. and I still haven’t put the sheep away… Must pull myself away from the computer… Must leave… Must do chores still… Thankfully hubby and baby are in the other room sawing logs.  Until next time, enjoy.

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Saddle Mtn Rider

    Thanks for thinking of me on your tag. But your link is not my blog. You have to put the “kj” before the “middle of the road”. Sorry.
    Yep, i am “trouble all the way around”

  2. Saddle Mtn Rider

    Oh, and one other thing: Your blog is one of the first ones that i ever read and i have enjoyed it ever since. I was first attracted to the eyes of your ranch security and then by the excellent photographs of the horses on your sidebar.

  3. Sorry about that! “Middle of the Road” is fixed! 🙂

  4. Interesting post! Shocked to hear that you didn’t want the sheep! Wow!

  5. Wow. How funny about you not wanting sheep and how you’ve come full circle. I had no plans to get sheep either, though I was terribly drawn to the history of the Navajo Churro.

    And OMG! I am so envious that you are going to see the Lippizzaner stallions! I’ve been wanting to see them for more than 18 years! When they do come into town, my plans never seem to work out. bummer. I can’t wait to read/see your report!

    Hey, I’m a research aholic, too. I can get a little obsessive about it sometimes, too. A computer and a researcher can be a dangerous thing! hehe

    Another thing we have in common is the love of rare or heritage breed animals.

    Thanks for finding the time for the tag. It was great getting to know you a little bit better.

  6. OK, OK, I’ll do it. 🙂 I’m just not guaranteeing that I will get to it any sooner than you did!!:)

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