Memory Lane of a New Camera

I took a stroll down memory lane tonight.  I had been working on Hubby’s brochures and artwork all day and you know when you aren’t too interested in the subject you’re working on, how your eyes tend to wander?  Mine started wandering through the multiple files I have of pictures since… oh, June of 2006.  May of 2006 is in a different spot and that is actually when I bought my camera.  I walked around the pasture shooting photos like crazy because it was fun, and because I wanted to work on my photography.

I sure, for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how to take pictues in the dark.  I wanted so badly to have these photos seen but just couldn’t get my camera to do what I wanted.  It never crossed my mind to bump up the ISO back then, because this is actually dusk and my camera should have been able to do it without a flash at around 800-1600 ISO.  I just didn’t know which button to push.

Hubby did’t know what to do either, though me being the “expert” he just shot on how I had left it.  My girl Lucille and I weren’t being bashful though.  We were smiling… And there really isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of Lucille and all her brothers and sisters.  Noche is in the photo up above.  He is one handsome dude, born 2006 and sired by my lovely gelding Sunnie.  Yes, he used to be a stallion, otherwise it’d be pretty hard for him to have kids.

And then Mattie came peeking out of the folders, showing me her yearling gawkiness and loving that fresh green grass.  Mattie is now a beautiful, spoiled, princess of a three year old and thoroughly loved by her person, Linda.  I think of Mattie all the time too, and am so delighted to still be in touch with her.

Then right there next to Mattie was my beloved Pinkerton.  He was a BLM burro whom I loved deeply and still do really.  I don’t want to go in to details but he had to be put down and I’ll leave it at that.  He was a really neat little man with such a loving heart, loved to snuggle and rest his head on my shoulder… enough of that.  Moving on.

This was back before the sheep ate all the sweet peas away from the fence.  We still have a small hedge of them but nothing like this.  I loved this photo, it definitely needs help being as I was terrified to take the camera of of AUTO.  But it is fitting of Pinkerton; sweet peas, white fluffy clouds, and a sun shiney day.

Back when my barn kitties were just wee lads.  This is 2B, the friendliest and the real hunter between the two.

Back when 2B was still afraid of the dogs…

…and Lucy still hid from the flies under her mama’s tail.

Back when my first born, Ollie, loved to sniff the wind and imagine all the coyotes he’d beat up that night.

And when I took an otherwise perfect portrait of my Dad’s weird dog, except he wouldn’t or couldn’t leave his tongue in his mouth.

And when I kicked myself for not taking her fly mask off before I started shooting.  Oh, the things you learn over three years of taking pictures of your goofy animals and the memories you stir up.  It was a fun time, going over my old folders.

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Oh gosh I have dozens of folders! Thousands of photos to go through. Yikes that would take me days! Nice photos,though!

  2. Gah – I just checked and I have 22 gig of photos. I got this camera in January – is that a lot do you think? I loved this trip down memeory lane!

  3. Tammy Wrensong Farm

    Wonderful photos, I love doing trips down memory lane with my photos, even though it IS very time consuming. I wish I could always see the beauty in every human like I can in every animal :)……thanks for sharing!

  4. Found your blog via the Farmblogs website – love the photos – will be adding you to my favourites.

  5. My favorite is of Pinkerton and the sweet peas. It almost looks as if he is munching on one of them. And that wide-eyed barn cat looks like he is ready to pounce on a mouse. Very cute.

  6. Your pictures were lovely even then. My favorite is of Lucy hiding in her Mama’s tail. Sweet.

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