The Boys

Our guys, Dudley and Dub are and have been our flock sires.  This pic was taken after they were just freshly shorn about a month ago.  Dudley is the one with the curly horns on the left, he has blue eyes and has passed that gene on to a few of our girls which is what I was originally hoping for.  He is a strange ram though, with a strange set of horns and a strange personality to go along with it.  We have kept a lot of his daughters for breeding ewes and now have a couple years worth of his get to keep and breed to their new love, Dub.  Dub is the handsome lilac dude on the left (lilac is the more brown color where Dudley is very black and white).  Dub’s horns are great, I’m not going to say perfect because that simply doesn’t exist in the world, but we really like them and I can’t be picky (I’m not anyway, why do you think I started out with a curly-Q for a flock sire?)  But Dub has a nice gentle attitude and never seems to get upset.  He’s also thrown some nice lilacs so we’re planning on keeping him around a while.  If he stays real nice, he may have a fairly permanent home which can be kinda rare for a ram.

Dudley, however, has worn out his welcome.  Not only being related to over half of our flock now, he’s certainly getting more and more destructive in his older age.  He bashes gates, fencing, trees and any inadimant object that he thinks needs a lickin.’  We actually think he may have some brain damage because one of our mares drop kicked him and he flew about three feet off the ground and about six feet from her hind legs where he first was.  It was quite a sight and I’m glad I saw it so that I knew there was a reason for his strange behavior.  He definitely deserved the kick he got and I wasn’t really heart broken, just glad he didn’t break his neck.

Photo courtesy Kenleigh Acres

We are leaving for central California this weekend to attend the Jacob Sheep Breeder Association’s “AGM” or Annual General Meeting where we will be picking the above guy up.  That is Raider and he will be replacing Dudley as a new flock sire.  He is very handsome and we’re excited to bring him home and have him meet his new girlfriends who are all waiting in anticipation.  All of Dub’s girls that we’ve kept will be put in with him as well as a few of Dudley’s.  We’re also going to be bringing home a couple new ewes to add and are just fine tuning our little Jacob flock.  I’m having fun and the liberty of raising sheep is that if you can’t find them a home, there’s always a home in the freezer.

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Those are some serious horns!

  2. I think your Violet will like Raider. He has a nice strong set of laterals and great markings. What’s in store for Dudley? I wish I was able to go to the A.G.M. this year, I would like to meet you, and who knows when it will be back to the West Coast. Have a great time and enjoy. Please take lots of pictures so you can share with us. Please, Please, Please………

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  4. Rachelle Hobbs

    What a handsome bunch of boys! Have a great time at the meeting! 🙂

  5. Raider is gorgeous!!! He will be a fine addition to your flock, for sure.

    Do you enjoy sheep meat? I’ve had lamb, but never adult sheep before. I wonder what it takes like….

    Dudley’s horns are a raging rollercoaster! whoheee! Do you have to cut the horns if they get to close to the head or face?

    Dub’s got a nice set of horns. I like how they ‘spring’ forward. He has great presence! 🙂

    Have fun at the Jacob show and meeting.

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