Monthly Archives: August 2008

Tonight, Lippizzaner Stallions

That’s what is on my agenda.  We are leaving at 4:00 p.m., my parents, my mother-in-law, Annie and I to head down to the Big City.  We have to travel another hour south of the Big City to see the gray steeds but this time it will be in a real horse arena, indoors with good lighting.

I saw them perform for the first time at a showing around my birthday in 2006.  The lighting was great, while it lasted, but after the sun went down it was just a couple of flourescents shining from the grandstands.  The bummer about it was that the dressage arena was set up in a lawn area inside of a race car track.  We had, just below where I could shoot from, a tall chain link fence obstructing the view of the lower ten rows of seats in the grandstands.  Not exactly something that gives that heir of royalty as you watch the dancing stallions.

The other bummer was all the banners that made such a lovely background, nothing like I would invision Vienna with the gold leaf patterns on the walls and velvet covered chairs.  But they were a feast for the eyes, atleast for this Lippizzaner crazed girl. 

One of my biggest dreams for as long as I can remember is to visit the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.  I would love to go for a tour through their stalls, sit in a chair up in some balcony watching the stallions perform.

The way they move, with subtle cues is astounding.  Their rhythm, their grace, their beauty, it is something to behold.  I will see them again tonight, and will envision my balcony in Europe.

Anniversary Flowers

It was mine and Hubby’s 6th anniversary this past Sunday and though he was quite busy, he made sure that his mom picked up some flowers for me.

At first I thought they were a strange color combonation.  Something I definitely would not have picked out myself.  I tend to go for the less dramatic.

I tend to lean toward the greens, light pinks, whites, and soft yellows.  Sometimes I’ll go for a nice purple or violet color with a splash of orange mixed in.  But burgundy and yellow with bright pink?  I never would have picked it.

It is far too bold for me.  I’m not one to normally want to be seen in a crowd or be noticed.  But these flowers, they sure do.  They scream at the tops of their lungs to be seen.  They are dramatic, bold, and quite contrasty. 

Much like my husband, which makes these a perfect fit coming from him.  Once the roses started opening and the flowers started coming alive, they bloomed in to a gorgeous bouquet, one I would not have picked for myself, but isn’t that the perfect gift?  One you youself would not choose?