Happy Happy Birthday Baby

My baby girl is one year old today.  I thought about waking her at 12:29 a.m. to remind her that that was the exact time she arrived but then decided not to.  Actually, I was sound asleep and would never do that unless I was feeling very ornery and she was atleast 16. 

I was never what you consider a “baby” person.  I really didn’t ever desire to have children of my own and actually never desired to hold a baby if I saw one, even relatives.  I would look at them in their mama’s arms and think, “yep, it’s a baby.” 

My mom always told me that it would be different when I had my own.  That they just grab on to you and don’t let go.  Your mother juices would kick in and you’d know what to do instantly, just like when you take care of a puppy, kitten, lamb, or foal.  I wasn’t too sure about that though.  I’d raised lots of baby animals and always felt that mothering instinct with them, just never felt it for a fat, bald, drooling, human baby.

Being pretty much a tomboy I also thought that God would give me a boy.  He had to.  He knew it was best too, afterall.  

Yeah, he did know best.  My baby GIRL was never really fat, never bald a day in her life, never really drooled like I’ve seen babies drool, and yep, she’s a girl. 

The first six months were like six years, these last six months have been like just a few days.  I cannot believe how this little person has weasled her way in to my heart and life and now really cannot imagine life without her.  When she was around a month old people would ask if I couldn’t imagine life without her and I thought, “Oh yeah, that wasn’t too long ago when I could run out for anything and go riding all day and do anything I wanted.” 

I would still like to be able to go riding all day but don’t ache for it like I used to.  A child has a way of taking all your selfishness and throwing it out the window.  That is something I would highly recommend to those who might want a baby but are nervous of the freedom loss.  Yeah, you lose it but it is worth it in every way.  And when your baby hits about a year old, and there’s someone you can trust, you can always hire them to watch her for a few hours while you go riding or visit with friends.

I really wouldn’t trade this motherhood thing for anything in the world now that I’ve arrived.  I was stubborn, selfish, foolish, and thought I knew what I wanted.  Thank the good Lord above, He knew better.

Happy Birthday to My Baby, Annie.  Mama loves you all the way around the world and back again.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. As always, beautiful pictures. Welcome to grown-uphood, where someone else matters more than you. It’s an interesting and scary step. Keep in mind, that time will only go faster and can never be retrieved…another one of those grown-up thoughts. The work is hard but, as you say, worth it. Congratulations on such a beautiful daughter.

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby! She is beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday Annie!!!

    I love all the pictures. She has grown so fast. She is absolutely beautiful!

  4. I felt very similar to you, until the maternal time clock kicked in. I still never really enjoyed the babyhood eras of my 3 children. I prefer my kids a little older and a little more independant and able to communicate.
    I did love that delicate brand new baby smell, though 🙂

    I’m 42 yrs old in another month, and I had wanted no more kids after my twin boys were born. They are 11 yrs old now.
    But my husband wanted a baby girl so I finally relented.
    And thankfully his wish came true.

    I adore my daughter, but she’s only 5 yrs old. I’m at the stage in my life where I am wanting more ‘me’ time and more time alone with my husband, but she still needs me alot. I try not to think about the fact that when I’m in my late 50’s I’ll have a teenage girl still at home.
    I just keep reminding myself how blessed we are.

    What a beautiful precious baby girl. Happy BIRTHday to Annie…and to you!

  5. Happy Birthday Baby Annie xx

    Its my daughter Sarah’s birthday today too (she is 16!) jeez doesn’t time fly 🙂

  6. A big Happy Birthday to Annie. She is so very pretty and I love that summer dress she has on. She looks like she is full of personality and fun.
    Motherhood is a little different for everyone as we are all different. God has blessed me with three boys, one that is 33 years old and twin boys that are just 5 years old. Yea, you can do the math (ok, I’m old) :-). Motherhood is very different this time around and I wouldn’t change a thing. Just remember that nothing worth a darn comes easy and I believe we were given these gifts for a reason. Enjoy her at every age, she won’t stay there very long. Hope you have lots of fun today!

  7. That child looks so much like your father. It makes me smile, I see him every time I see a pic of her.

    I can relate Joan, I cried and cried when I found out I was pregnant. However, Lily is the coolest thing ever, and I really cannot imagine life any other way. Glad Annie has taken over your heart too. Happy Birthday to her!

  8. Very sweet sentiments, and happy Birthday to your baby Annie! One is a big number! They grow up so fast. Enjoy every minute of it!

    I hope that I can experience motherhood someday, too.

    Great pictures, she has a great smile!

  9. Rachelle Hobbs

    Happy Birthday Annie!! 🙂

  10. Hey! I tagged you for the game
    “6 Things you don’t know about Me”.

    I hope you’ll participate 🙂

  11. Happy Annie birthday to you and Simon as well as little Annie. Congratulations on your metamorphosis into motherhood, Joan.

    Netherfieldmom’s comments are right on the money. Wise lady.
    Motherhood makes a woman’s life whole IMO.

    July 22 is the birthday of my sister and grandmother also.

    Here’s to another wonderful year with your beautiful girl!

  12. So, this comment is a week late, but I was on vacation last week and am just now catching up on my reading!

    My son and Annie share a birthday! He turned 3 on the 22nd, while we were on vacation, and we had a little birthday party for him there.

    I just knew God would give me a girl because that’s what my mother’s instinct said I was having, and that’s what I wanted. And lo and behold I got a boy! Then the 2nd time around I wanted another boy so we’d have 2 close in age (18 mos apart) that would grow up as best friends, and THEN God gave me a girl! LOL

    Your little doll is beautiful! Happy Birthday Annie!

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