Boys like Girls

Yep, that’s the name of our mystery men band.  Here’s a photo that I caught of them at our local Independence Day parade and I knew that they didn’t belong, they just had to be in some sort of band.  Especially when the girls started bouncing up and shaking their hands. 

Here’s an older picture of them with the description below.  Thank you to Rachelle for finding out who these dudes are!  You have a year’s free access to my blog!  😉

In your picture, Mr. Purple shirt is wearing sunglasses, the next guy has the blond/black hair, the guy in the middle is in the blue shirt and the last guy has shaved and picked up a set of headphones.  I sent your picture to a friend “in the business” and she got back to me right away and said it is them for sure!  She was unable to confirm what they were doing in ___________.  She said this is an old picture of them.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Pretty cool! Their name does sound familar, I imagine I know one of their songs. I’ll have to look them up. I like all kinds of music!

  2. Now THAT”S way cool…and in your tiny town, too!
    I’m glad you found out who they are and shaed the info with us, too.
    Good for you in capturing their image so you could do that.

  3. That’s not Boys Like Girls. In the bottom picture, left to right, it’s Paul, Bryan, Martin, and John, In the top you’re saying it’s Martin, Paul, Bryan and John. Martin hasn’t had hair like that since the band got together(to my knowledge he didn’t have hair like that even before they did), and Paul doesn’t have a tattoo like that on his chest. Bryan doesn’t have that tattoo on his right forearm and he has a tattoo on his left forearm of the artwork from their first album (it’s green, blue, and red stripes). And John’s definitely paler than the last guy

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