Some Answers, Finally!

I have had quite a few questions asked over the life of my very young blog and sometimes I have answered in the comments sections and sometimes they got overlooked (sorry!).  So now I am here to provide some answers to questions that have been neglected.  If you have any further questions, please leave them for me here and I’ll try and do another post sooner than later!

How do you like living in such a small town where you know just about everybody (except those dudes who look like they’re in a band, that is)?

I actually love it.  And now that our towns have gotten bigger, I’m not liking it as much.  I used to really know everyone, waved at every car and the traffic was much less through town.  Now there have been a lot of retirees moving here and of course our tourist impact has increased with the popularity of our river for fishing.  There is quite a bit more houses, developed land and gates that have increased with the population which has really cut off some great trails for riding.  I hold a bit of a grudge on that.  But, I still love it here regardless.  I am definitely not too thrilled with the state of California as a government though. 

What kind of camera do you use? It takes such nice shots.

Thank you!  It is a Nikon D50 and I bought it in a kit from Costco two years back.  It came with the camera bag, memory card, neck strap, battery, battery charger, and two lenses; a shorter wide angle and a nice telephoto lens that I use most of the time.  I am now shopping for a new lens.

Are you a professional photographer? Just wondered ‘cuz you mention taking photos at a wedding next month.

Nope, definitely not.  I kind of have a hope in the back of my head that I’d like to sell some prints or become more of a “stock” photo photographer.  We’ll see.  But the wedding is for a friend who cannot afford a fancy photographer and so asked me… I said yes because I’m not getting paid and therefore won’t feel bad on my first wedding if it doesn’t come out as good as I hoped.  It’ll be good practice.

Does the MTG actually help stimulate (hair) growth, or does it stop the itchies so that hair can grow?

They actually claim that it stimulates growth.  Look for them here.

Is that handsome Zapata still a stallion? He’s really darling and I love that he has such a personality.

Zapata is a gelding now.  He is a handsome boy and I’m pretty proud to have produced him.  He is really similar to his sire who is my gelding, Sunnie.  They are a lot alike in personality and looks.  Zapata is also growing like crazy, reaching about 15 hands at just two years old.  That’s tall for a mustang!

Zapata as a yearling showing off… I always loved this photo even though it’s blurry.  Or, especially since it’s blurry.

I like the cow names, Jessica and Matlida….Debbie and Twinkie. How do you decide what to call them?

Twinkie and Mattilda came with their names.  They’re registerd Herefords.  Twinkie actually got her name (so I’m told) because of her excessive white.  Jessica is one I named.  She is named after “Jessica” on The Man from the Snowy River (a must see movie), as Jessica’s deceased mother’s name was “Mattilda” and was the woman that “Spur” and Jessica’s father fought over.  I also named Little Debbie and she was given the name because her dam’s name is Twinkie.  Little Debbie is a brand of pastry you can find at most gas stations, kind of like Hostess.

When you say you boost the “curves” of your photos in PS, what does that mean?

Curves is a tool in Photoshop programs and it bumps up your contrast and can brighten your over-all photo in a more natural way.  I usually like to bump my contrast up a bit in most my photos.

Joan, the colors in your photos are terrif–did you touch up or are the sooc??

While I would like to be sooo good that my photos are SOOC (straight out of camera), I have not achieved that status yet.  I still do a bit of contrast tweaking though I have also played with the settings in my camera itself to bump up the saturation, contrast and sharpness.  It’s fun to be able to tweak settings!  I do small edits in Photoshop most of the time and some larger edits less frequently.

What kind of dog is Abby? Is sheep care a natural instinct for her?

Abigail is Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees cross.  Her breeds have a long history of sheep guardianship and are experts at their jobs.  I love that Abby is a cross between the breeds because I believe I got the best of both worlds.  Abby’s hair coat is woolly in the winter and she sheds to a nice smooth coat in the summer.  She does not roam like the Pyrenees tends to do, is not as agressive as the pure Anatolians can be and is just a mild dog with a wonderful disposition and since she is a cross will be less prone to certain breed faults such as hip displaysia, cancer and the like.  I am a mutt lover.

Is that a Jersey cow you have there? (in the first picture lying down in the background)

Yup!  That’s Louise.  She belongs to a friend named Louie (actually he spells is Lewis) and thus she is Louie’s or “Louise.”  Get it? 😉  She’s a sweetie of a cow and just looking for a good home.   We just happen to be her foster parents as she would have no friends at her owner’s home and would be a bit more abandoned so to speak.  We love Louise.

Here she is in her winter woollies.  She’s blonder, fatter, and much more sleek now.

Nothing like watching dogs having a great time together ) What are your other 2 called.. ?

Levi a.k.a. Woots, Cutsie Wootsie, Black Bart (with a black heart), Levi Bob Flag, Bups, Saddle Bags, Speck, Stanley… Levi is a border collie and springer spaniel cross I suspect.  He was adopted by hubby at a Border Collie rescue in Southern California around six years ago.  He was the greeter of the facility and usually has a smile on his face for new people.  His flag… err… tail is his personality and when it became out of adjustment one time, we thought it was broke and would have to be docked.  Thank heavens after having a chiropractic adjustment, it slowly came back up to its usual happy self.  He does have a dark side though, especially around running kids who have no regard for his tail, and for small and large animals alike who think he might be something interesting to take a whiff of. 

Oliver is the one with his foot on the ball daring me to kick it.  He is my first born, and was supposed to be full Boxer but his mama got out and had a date with some boy down the street.  We’re not exactly who but suspect it was a pit bull and lab cross named Jack.  Ollie will be 12 this coming September and is still as ornery, loud, playful, and adventurous as he ever was.  He was an outlaw in his younger years and loved to kill the neighbor’s chickens.  I almost had to escape to Canada with him in the trunk of my car, but thankfully he quit cold turkey… or chicken… whatever.  Anyway, he loves water, long walks through the pasture, killing ground squirrels, sleeping on the tile in the house, and licking his paws.  He is spoiled and will always be “Saint Oliver” in my eyes.

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Rachelle Hobbs

    I think I have identified the “mystery men” from the Parade. I will send you a picture to compare and you can post it if you think it is them too. Now, all we have to figure out is what they heck they were doing in Trinity! 🙂

  2. That was really great! You answered a few of my questions in there, thanks! (Sorry, I know I ask a lot of questions! 😉
    I was glad to hear you got your camera at Costco, I’d heard from a co-worker they were a great place to check because of the “package” deal. I have noticed they offer good prices and it’s nice to get the extra lens, memory card, etc. All those extras really add up if you just purchase the camera body! Do you ever use a tripod?
    OOPS, sorry, one more question. I just couldn’t help myself!

  3. Great answering session(not sure if I spelled that right). Now I’m dyin’ to know who the “band” is. Love all the photos!

  4. Thanks for answering questions i’d posted, how cute is Louise 🙂

    I’m now curious who the band is too…

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