Monthly Archives: July 2008


Hi, my name is Violet.  I’m the favorite in this here pasture and just wanted to introduce myself.  You see, I hold a pretty high position in my flock and a position almost to royalty with my shepherdess because I am so sweet to her.

See, when no one else comes to the fence because they’re all too “scared,” I march right up and expect to be scratched.  I even let my shepherdess touch me all over my face and even scratch my chest and back.  I like her a lot.

In fact, I’m so tolerant I even accept kisses from my shepherdess’ kookie canine named Abby.

She’s just a large over-grown puppy who doesn’t know how to control her feet and body too well yet.  The gal is just too big for her brain right now, though I admit, I am very happy to see her when she’s out patrolling the pasture.  I know the coyotes will stay away.  My shepherdess made a smart move when she bought this Abby, don’t tell her I said that of course.

My shepherdess has been having a hard time lately, and so I thought I’d take the reins for a bit and show you around since you haven’t seen the flock in a while.  Come along…

This here is part of the flock.  My shepherdess knows everyone’s names and can call us out in a picture like this, no problem.  But since she’s not here, and since I’m related, I’ll pass the info along.

Down in front, Sophia (my mother, she’s the matriarc of the place and will fight anyone off the grain… except for me).  Then there’s my little sisters to the upper left and right, Cyan & Ruby.  In the middle of them is Bea, to the right is Little Madge and then Ella.  On the left and just above Cyan, is Packard.  Above Packard is his mama Cordelia (the black one) and behind her is Nash.  In the middle of them is Freckles and to the right of Freckles is Lily (she was born on Easter a couple of years ago I hear) and her daughter Constance.  Above and to the left a little is Fanny Mae and Meat Head, to the left of them is Rudy, and to the left of Rudy is Celeste.  Oh, trust me there’s much more than that, I was just getting started but didn’t want to make you dizzy.

My mama Sophia.  I think she’s beautiful and so does my shepherdess.  In fact, my shepherdess was so sad when my mama gave birth to two rams the first year she owned her and wanted a ewe lamb to keep so bad.  Well, the next year I was born with my brother and guess who was all excited.  Yep, my shepherdess, and I got to stay around here.  This year my mama had my two sisters, Ruby & Cyan, and she’s pretty happy about them too but still thinks I’m best.

This is Little Madge with my two little sisters just behind her.  They all get along great, and I’m happy because then they don’t bug me too much.  Little Madge got her name from her great-grandma who was killed last fall by coyotes.  My shepherdess was mortified when Madge got killed, it nearly broke her heart because great-grandma Madge was almost as sweet as me.  And you know what?  She even had a Bostonian accent when she baaaa’ed.  I never knew where Boston is but my shepherdess always got a laugh when great-grandma Madge would baaaa. 

This here is Tiffany, her mama’s name is Stephanie because she’s the whitest ewe in the flock.  My shepherdess had to think of a name for her mama because she was so “blonde” and thought Stephanie was a good fit.  So, to go along with the fancy names, she named her daughter Tiffany.  We all think it fits, and she’s a fun little lamb.  Oh, and yeah, she’s a late bloomer born in June.  Go figure.

This dude is Packard, he’s pretty high in the rankings I hear because of his supposed good looks.  I don’t know, my shepherdess thinks he pretty hot but I’m not too keen on him.  She’s always ooh’ing and ahh’ing about his horns and coloring.  Whatever.

This dude is Nash.  My shepherdess likes him too because he’s a lilac and has nice strong horns.  I think he’s a bit of a baby though, don’t tell, but he still drinks milk!  Ha ha ha!

Anyway it was nice to talk to y’all but I’d better get going.  I think I see some grass that needs to be mowed and some shade that needs to be sat in.  See ya around!

Well it’s been quite a week for me.  It all started with a severe kidney infection last Thursday the 24th and I wallowed in pain all day and finally went to the Doc where they put me on an I.V. with heavy antibiotics and knocked me out so I could rest.  I hate that feeling, of not being in control of myself.  Since then I’ve had a horrible time keeping any food down and my smart hubby put me on a clear liquid diet which has helped.  I’ve lost a lot of weight which needed to happen, just not this way.  So my Doc thinks that there’s something wrong internally because the kidney infection came on so suddenly.  Now I go in for a CT scan tomorrow morning in the Big City.  I’m really not looking forward to that as I’m pretty clausterphobic.  Oh the joys… Anyway, off to take a nap.  Just wanted to let every one know why I’ve been absent. 

And now for a lovely picture of my baby with her first birthday card sent by my Aunt Denise.  She loves it!  And she’s also still due for a birthday party… We were going to have one this past weekend but that quickly got cancelled.