Happy Birthday. Yesterday.

It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday, and while I was out hot footing it around, I completely missed posting about his birthday.  There’s so many things on my list to get done, including updated pictures of the lambs who’ve grown in to young adults.  So, those requesting pictures, I haven’t forgotten about you!  Please bear with me, the lambs weren’t cooperating yesterday and I got a bunch of lovely pictures of them stuffing their faces.  Not quite “website” material.

Anyway, on to my dear Dad, known as Grandpa Cookie around here.  He was “Grandpa Cookie” to my dogs first as we treated them like our children before Annie graced us with her presence.  But now he has moved on to being Grandpa Cookie to Annie too.  And she does think the world of him, though he has held back on the cookies so far but I have a feeling that it won’t be much longer.  I’m a no-sugar-to-the-baby kind of mom.

This is Grandpa Cookie in his “retirement garb” at his retirement party held last Friday.  He dressed in his baseball cap that says “Grandpa, Activity Director” on the front and on the back above the adjustment strap it says “Camp Grandma.”  Pretty cute.  He was wearing very holey jeans that were dirty like he’d just been weed whacking and his shirt is an “Old Guys Rule” shirt.  Mom says that he came up with that costume all by his little self and she gave him an old cup that had a label “Donations” on it for him to carry around.  Granted, he really wasn’t looking for donations but he got one anyway, a pretty big one to boot much to his surprise once he looked at the bill later in the day.

This dad of mine is the best though.  He has never met a stranger in his life, wears rose colored glasses, could talk to a fence post, and is very loving to both the human race and for all creatures great and small.  He is a Godly man, loves the Lord, and truly seeks His will for his life and for his family’s.  It is quite an inspiration to me, to see him serve and love the way he does.  He also is absolutely loving being a Grandpa to Annie.  She is my parents first grandchild and of course, is doted on accordingly.  Grandpa Cookie calle Annie “Punky” and Grandma Cookie calls her “Baby Face.”  Both are endearing and meaningful in different ways.  Of course Punky loves them dearly and lights up when she sees them walking up to our house.  She squeels and they reply with squeels at the same time.  It gets pretty noisy around here when they first show up.  Okay, so it’s always noisy but that’s besides the point.  The point is, I love my Dad.  I couldn’t ask for better and am so blessed that I cannot put it into words. 

Thank you Dad for all you do, all your love, and Happy Birthday ~ Love


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. You must have a SUPER awesome dad, because him and I share a birthday! =)
    What a great post about him! He looks and sounds like a great guy.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Grandpa Cookie!

  2. Rachelle Hobbs

    Your dad is a special guy! I have him to thank for my nickname-it has stuck with me for over 15yrs. and I LOVE IT!! He is a character and a very special Dad! Happy Belated Birthday Grandpa Cookie!!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Grandpa Cookie.

    It’s funny how grandpa’s get “pet names” .. my dad was Grandpa Pod to my 2 🙂

  4. I know you’re not going to believe this, because we seem to have some freakish commonalities, but my dad has that same shirt, in that same color–TOO WEIRD.

    BTW, that franciscan rose china was not my great grandmother’s. She had the blue Currier & Ives that was given away in groceries in the 60’s. (according to my mom). Once I checked it out on Ebay, I do remember it.

    I chose my Doreman cowgirl…check out my blog…

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