Belle Starr

One of my favorite things to receive is mail with an update on one of my horses.  This little lady is SWS Belle Starr aka “Belle.”  She was the first Kiger I ever owned and bought from a Kiger ranch up in Oregon.  I brought her home when she was around nine months old and was one excited girl.  My dream of owning a Kiger came true with this mare so she will always hold a special spot on my heart.  I named her Belle Starr because I love history and the stories behind some of the outlaw women of the old west.  She was known as Belle here until I bought another mare named Belle who is the dam of my little Annie Oakley.  So… Belle Starr became, “Tinker Bell,” then “Tink,” then “Stink or Smell,” then “Stinky.”  I was calling her Stinky up to the day that she moved to Arizona where she resides now.  No, she never really stunk, just smelled like a lovely little horse, but it was a cute nick name and I had fun calling her it… I know, I’m weird.  But “Stinky” has once again become Belle to her doting new mama, Lana.

Anyway, Belle is a spoiled Kiger around 14.1 hands tall, round as a barrel and the most comfortable bareback ride you’ll ever had.  I put her under saddle for Lana before we delivered her to Arizona and she was truly the easist horse to train.  I had an absolute blast riding this little horse because she was happy to go anywhere I pointed her.  She quickly grew accustom to traffic, dogs barking, ATV’s, and was easy going about anything we did, even our first lope was steady and fun!

So I wanted to show you just another face that has been in my pastures, but this one I think I miss the most… well… She and Mattie a lovely little lady in Texas but that’s another story for another time.  Right now it is Belle err… “Stinky’s” time for the spotlight.  What a lovely horse and I hope that if Lana ever has to sell her that she’ll call me first.  What a fun horse for my daughter… 😀


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  1. Thanks for sharing her story….she looks pretty cute in that silly fly mask!
    Funny coincidence her name is Belle Starr, and you named her after the outlaw, because I just heard the story of that outlaw for the first time this past weekend! Now I’m more curious and want to look her up.

  2. Yrs ago, we adopted a Kiger Mustang. Java was short & tough!! She got herself bred to an Arab, hence ,Stormy! She is also short and TOugh like her Mom.
    My hubby trains horses and has done quite a few mustangs. He ompares them to Mules. SMART!! SMART!! SMART!!
    When is that Western States Mustang Challenge? Real soon, right?

  3. Thanks for posting the pic of Belle. She is funny and I love riding her. She is quite the outlaw “character”. The funniest thing she does is sniff poop. Every kind! She is constantly stopping and giving serious thought to those who have gone before her. She can even do this from a trot. So I am on poop watch as we go along and sometimes can steer her to the other side of the trail. My friends that ride with us, say this is the way she gets her news. These Kigers are probably the smartest horses I have ever been around. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to work with them. And the most loving. She will rest her head on my shoulder and blow warm
    sniffs in my ear if I am sitting in a chair visiting with someone.
    Sometimes she will just snooze that way. My old cowboy friends love my little outlaw. Thanks Joan.

  4. risingrainbow

    That fly mask is just too cute! If they have to wear those things I think I could live with them with cute faces like that. lol

    Thanks for sharing Belle’s story.

  5. She’s so cute!! And the name’s she has had are just as cute!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the story of “stinky”, LOL, and gotto love her fly mask!

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