Moving The Horses

Moving the horses is always an exciting thing to do.  We have three different pastures that we move the horses around to and each time it is a big deal, not necessarily to us but to the horses; especially for one little spunky charmer named Annie Oakley.  Not only is Annie short like the true Annie Oakley, she’s also a pistol and full of heat.

If something is going on, she’s the first to find out exactly what it is and see if she approves.  Of course, if she doesn’t approve it doesn’t normally stop us from continuing on our quest.  She just likes to think she’s in charge, and we like to humor her.

These are my in laws, they’ve volunteered to help us gather the horses that will be moved as my hubby is down with a hurt back, and well… I’ve got a camera to operate.  My father in law, Karl, properly introduces himself as he’s on his way to meeting up with the horse he’s after (I told him to get the red one and the orange one).

Now my mother in law, Charlotte, follows suit and properly introduces herself.  She’s rather fond of Annie as Annie is the mother to her little two year old colt, Pedro.  Pedro is Annie’s only child who is sired by our (now) gelding, Sunnie.  Charlotte doesn’t need the color coded instructions, she’s pretty good at knowing the horses by name and knows that we’re after (specifically) Cali and Sunnie.

Karl halters Sunnie for his wife and moves on to capturing Cali.  Both horses are very easy and kind about being caught.  Actually, I don’t think they even give a fig, (where did that saying come from?  Give a fig?)

They lead them up to the gate where the action will then begin.

I love this horse.

He is so stinkin’ sweet.

Notice who’s there watching the gate close, and as you can imagine is also getting pretty peeved that she’s not going out too. 

It doesn’t take long for her to start trotting around and getting the girls who are left on this side of the road a bit stirred.

“What are we going to do girls?  Just STAND here!?  We’ve got to do something!”

They start by running around and Annie screams her head off.  She loves to get excited and hates when she doesn’t feel like she’s in control of a situation.  I think it has to do with her being the first foal born on the property, like she has heirs or something.  The other grulla mare running with her is named Etta, and the yellow dun is her dam, Belle.

These horses are literally across a road from each other.  They can see each other, call to each other, and even throw pebbles at each other if they had thumbs. 

Annie still believes it is much too far and they ought to come back right now.  After all, who’s she going to kick when she’s having a bad day now that Sunnie is gone?  She loves to challenge him because he is an ex-stallion and she loves to rub that little detail in.

Cali and Sunnie see all the hysteria going on down below and feel that they ought to atleast make their comrades feel better by dancing around a bit (though they’ve got their mouths full of grass).

“How does this look Sunnie?  Does it seem to be effective?”

So Sunnie and Cali run around…


Act upset…

 and well… eat.

But just for good measure, they decide to act out a little argument to make Annie feel like they’re just as upset as she is.

And the girls below continue to race.

But the poor things are much too fat and it really doesn’t last long.  Soon they’re doing all they can…

Stand and try out their puppy dog eyes.




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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. That was a great photographic story. Horses are so funny how they react to things, aren’t they? You have some gorgeous colored horses, by the way!

  2. Love the photo series . . . it’s like a movie! Beautiful horses.


    THE MANE POINT – a haven for horse lovers

  3. LOL, aren’t they funny? Love the pics. They have such personalities!

  4. That’s how it goes here if you try to splint anyone up. Their worst enemies become their best friend on the other side of the fence. Horses are so funny.

  5. Thanks for visiting ladies. I always get a kick out of my horses and their reactions. Especially, as risingrainbow said, when their worst enemies become their best friends when they’re in the next pasture over. Amazing how they all of a sudden care. LOL 😀

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