Cow Pies

We’ve got cow pies around here, plopping like they’re going out of style.  The fortunate thing is, they don’t stink.

Mattilda & Calf

Here’s the newest.  He was born yesterday at around 11:15 am or so.  I wasn’t home at the moment but found him and his mama, Mattilda, around 11:30 am and he was still pretty fresh.  Mama was standing by that time and cleaning him up.  She chose a nice little nook in the pature, surrounded by pines.  Yes, he’s a bull calf and I’m fairly relieved because if he was a heiffer, we’d probably wind up keeping it.  So… This one’s for the freezer or possibly a 4H or FFA project.  We’ll see if we have any buyers.

Of course, I had to get the camera and take pictures of Annie and her new calf.  Poor kid.



Annie & Friend

Can you believe my mom set me down here with these things?!  I’m as big as this mama’s head!

Mattilda and babe are doing well, are healthy, and baby is catching lots of zzzz’s just like a good newborn should.  The only trouble is, I thought of Stew but can’t think of a name for this guy.  Since he’ll be a steer, we’d prefer cuts of meat or beef / food related items (this way you don’t get as attached and are reminded he’s for eating!)… T-Bone was already taken, same with Chuck.  Any thoughts?


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Maybe Sir Loin would be fitting for such a lovely boy.

  2. I love new babies!

  3. He is gorgeous, and Annie is just soooo cute!

    When I was at school, I used to have a boyfriend who’s nickname was “Beefy”, his dad was a butcher lol… so what would have to be my suggestion.

  4. Rachelle Hobbs

    Wow, Annie’s little herd is growing so quickly!! He is beautiful and I think Sir Loin is perfect. Great suggestion Molly!

  5. Love the photographs! That little Annie is just too precious and how adorable sitting there in a family group photo!

    And, I must say, Molly is just too clever for words!
    Sir Loin !! That’s a winner!

  6. Grandma & Grandpa Cookie

    The cattle baroness. Great shots daughter!

  7. How about “Burgermeister”–it’s German, some sort of small town dignitary, I think.

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