Beauty is only Skin Deep

Julie Thorson got me thinking over on her blog, what is your eye candy list as far as horse flesh goes?  Conformation aside, what kind of hide attracts you?  I know many people are attracted to the paint / pinto pattern or high white socks with lots of chrome.  I tend to be a little abnormal, I think, and actually prefer no white… nada, zip, zero.  If I were to like a white marking, it would be a small sized star, about the size of a half-dollar right in the middle of their noggin.  Nothing can grab my eye like a dark bay or brown with no white, put a dark dorsal on that sucker and I’m all over it.  Weird, I know.  So what’s your list?  I really want to know.

Here’s my list:

  • Wide Forehead
  • Smaller Hooked Ears
  • Fine Muzzle
  • Large, Kind Eyes
  • Big Mane & Tail
  • Long Forelock
  • Dun of any shade
  • Buckskin
  • Dark Bay or Brown (solid)
  • No White Markings, except a small star
  • Dark Dapple Gray
  • Dapples on any color

I think that’s about it, I’d be interested in hearing what gets your neck to turn.

PS:  I believe this blog of mine will soon have it’s own domain name… We’ll be official in no time


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. With horses I like a real muscled rear end and a deep chest, long arched neck and thick mane and tail. Any color but buckskin is my favorite. And the smell. Yes the smell. I know thats weird but I do. I have always loved the smell of horses even when I was a young girl and in the past when I owned them I would savor it. 🙂
    With Jacob sheep I like large dark spots and full muzzle patches with dark ears. And yes, I like the smell of them also (but not quite as much as horses).

  2. Oh, I remember that post. That was partially because I had commented that Appys just don’t turn me on.

    *A pretty head(feminine on mares a must)
    *A sorral with flaxen mane & tail or a redhead with lots of chrome (blaze, white socks)
    *Duns and buckskins of any type, even red duns
    *Paints, but unusual paints, tri-color or grey paints
    *Greys with still black manes, tails & legs
    *Love dapples, especially on a dun
    *Long manes and tails
    *I do like a dark brown or bay as well with just a little white on those
    *I too like large kind eyes

  3. I like quality, quality, quality. Color and markings don’t matter nearly as much to me as quality. I want to be able to tell by just looking at it that it’s worth a small fortune. lol

  4. Hmmm…..

    I look at the spirit the horse exudes, and there can be different kinds of attractive spirits including gentleness, curiosity, even “Hey, look at me!”

    I like spots and dapples.
    – large, soft eyes (Mattie has eyes that I swear I could just fall into.)
    – soft, dark muzzles and “mealy” muzzles
    – dun factor traits
    – zebra strips on legs
    – bicolored manes
    – perky ears that “speak”
    – anything draft
    – generous mane, tail, long forelock

  5. Great replies everyone! Thank you, you are satisfying my curiosity. Anyone else want to join the fun, please leave a comment! I like to hear from you. 😉

  6. A lovely appaloosa blanket will turn my head every time, especially if it’s on a long legged black gelding.
    I also love feathers on stocky legs.
    A heavy throat blending into a muscular neck.
    A soft, inquisitive eye.
    A back fat enough that it would be comfortable to ride bare-back.

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