Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Day with the Girls… And Guy

Above is Gracie, she’s a contender in the Western States Mustang Challenge with her partner and best buddy, Andy. 

They are over there at Dixie’s Mustangs along with Dixie and “Bertie.” 


I have been busy photographing these contenders the last couple of days before the big hurrah which is right around the corner.  They’ve been working hard and getting these girls used to lots of things, putting time in the saddle and intoducing them to new places such as our local arena.

These girls are in their prime.  They’re sleek, muscled up, energetic and ready for the competition.  I’ve been having more fun photographing them because they are such beautiful subjects, I get to practice on them, and Dixie and her family have been so happy to have a camera around.  Though, I’m not sure Andy is too keen on being photographed but he’s being a good sport… He’s kinda shy.

But rain or shine, he’s been out there with his little steed who trusts in Andy so much that it truly is a once in a lifetime bond.  They’ve really got an amazing relationship.

They laugh (if horses could laugh) and play together like a couple of kids.  In fact, Dixie and I have been talking about how kids work with horses.  It is free and open.  They aren’t scared, they aren’t bashful at trying new things and they just get out there and DO IT.  That’s what this little couple do, they point and shoot.

They’re in prime condition, the both of them with lots of hours under the belt.  They’re ready and willing.

 If you’re going to be around Sacramento, California on June 6-8th, 2008 be sure to stop in at the Western States Horse Expo and root on Andy & Gracie.  And if you’re looking for the ultimate trail horse, Gracie will get you down the trail, through water and bushes, up steep embankments all with her ears perked and full of energy.  She is going to be up for auction Saturday evening.  For more details visit here.

Equine Conformation Gurus Wanted

This is Etta.  She’s a fat Kiger mustang, a breed who is known to have low withers.  Can you tell me if she has “mutton withers,” or if she is just fat and out of shape?  I’m wondering and pondering and am hoping my horsey buddies here can help out. 

Thank you!