An Old Buddy of Mine

While my internet is still not fixed (it’s like being without my head for days), I am still plugging away at my husband’s shop on this extra lap top.  Good thing it’s here otherwise I’d have to kick someone important out of their computer and that wouldn’t go over well.  Anyway, I got a much needed and anticipated e-mail update on one of my best buddies.  This buddy is a horse I adopted from UC Davis in their adopt-a-foal program back in ’92 when I was in 4H.  He was an orphan foal, a solid chestnut, standardbred / quarter horse from fairly good lines although I never did find out who his parent’s were… I just know they had some outstanding horses in their breeding program.  I brought “Tanyo” home as a four month old and we grew up together.  He was a fun little colt, I ponied him off my Spanish mustang mare, Papoose, and he went everywhere with us.  This resulted in him being one of the best trail horses I’ve ever sat upon.

Tanyo was my first horse to train, I rode him in a mechanical hackamore (I had very light hands for a kid) then moved on to a rope hackamore once “natural horsemanship” made it’s way in to the horse world.  I did ride him in a halter a lot just before the NH craze and we did well.  Tanyo’s name is, in it’s lengthened version, Caballo Castano, which means chestnut horse.  Pretty brilliant eh?  I thought of that as a twelve year old because I loved the Spanish language (still do) and loved anything that was Spanish. 

Tanyo moved on a couple of years ago to a wonderful family.  His new owner is Chelsea and she fell in love with Tanyo almost instantly.  She was a level two Parelli student at thirteen, if I remember correctly.  She is homeschooled and was the perfect match for my big lunk head.  She and her mom and sister came to our place and test drove Tanyo and Chelsea could see right away that this horse had as much character as body mass in his 16hh self.  I knew right away that this was the right home for this very special horse.  He has a lot of quirks and Chelsea was just the person to take him on and deal with his weird ways.  Oh, Tanyo is a kicker when in a group, he can pull back when tied every now and then, has some issues with plastic bags… on and on.  He’s actually quite a complicated personality, but he makes up for it in his love, power, grace, endurance, comical and fun character.  His movement is very BIG, he will trot until your brains fall out your ear, will climb any mountain put in front of him and get you through sticky situations in safety. 

What does this sort of horse look like?  Well, lucky for you they sent pictures with their e-mail and I was able to put them on to this computer!  Yay!  Pictures! 😀


That’s my boy, one that will always be in my heart. 

Who are your eternally loved equine souls?

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Thanks for sharing him with us!

    My eternally loved equine soul was a big guy named “Monster”. He was anything but a Monster, so I’m not sure where the name came from. His mom was a Tennessee Walker and his dad was a Paint. He started out as my dad’s horse and I bought him when I moved out because he was the coolest horse. He was very dependable and was the same horse whether you had ridden him yesterday or 2 months ago. He was a big dude at over 16 hh but could fold himself up very small if needed and he would try anything you asked of him. He was the best trail, rodeo, show, jump horse I could have ever asked for. A vet tech at my vet’s office bought him a few years ago. He is over 20 now and doing well.

  2. Rachelle Hobbs

    I remember that little guy! Sounds like you rasied him well and I am so happy to hear he is doing great. 🙂

    My eternally loved equine soul would be “Rocky”. He was my first horse and we had equally stuborn personalities. I enjoyed 5 wonderful years with him and then sold him to a family with young children where he would get lots of love and attention. He has left me with the external longing for horses in my life again.

    Do you remember the races we used to have around the ponds? The one time your saddle slipped… Riding across the field by your parents in the pouring rain, bareback! So much fun!!

    I will be up in July, do you want to go riding? 🙂

  3. That is too cool. It’s nice to know he’s happy and healthy in a new home meant for him!

  4. Sounds like the perfect fit. I love when it works out like that. I have a couple of eternally loved equine souls. My first horse, Scandalous, and a foal I lost by the name of Image. Both have firm places in my heart. I’m sure before my life is over there will be others added to that group.

  5. dixiesmustangs

    The equine love of my life is a little bay mustang mare named Misty. She is now 26 years old.
    Misty has been a part of me and my family for 20 years now.
    She is the horse every one dreams of owning.
    She will prance down the 4th of July parade carrying a flag. Run any Gymkhana pattern,
    Clime any mountain no matter how steep, Cross the river even if she has to swim,
    Chase a cow and will always find that lost NATRC rider no matter how long or how many miles she has already ridden. She is a wonder horse and I fill very honored to be a part of her life.

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