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Kenleigh's Douglas

He wouldn’t get up for the picture

Kenleigh’s Douglas aka Dudley; a black and white ram with blue eyes.  He’s a bit strange, just like his horns, but he throws nice babies and has a nitch with a few of our ewes.  I am keeping as many blue eyed ewe lambs that I get from him so that I can breed them to Dub, our lilac ram below.  Dudley has been kicked by one of our horses (he deserved it) and has not been the same since.  He’s a bit strange in his thinking and also a bit slow.  He still likes to think he’s a horse, except when it is breeding time then he knows his job.  We’re happy to have him, he makes beautiful babies and that is what counts.

Kenleigh’s Debonaire aka Dub, a lilac ram born in ’07.  He’s been our top producer this year and given us some beauties.  His coloring is more unusual for the Jacob sheep so he’s been a bit popular.  He’s also the owner of a very nice set of horns and has a nice frame as well.  He’s a nice ram, a bit skittish but that’s the way we like our rams.  Nothing like a friendly one to show you the door.  We’ve bred him to Dudley’s girls this past fall and they’ve both put together some nice genes.  We’re happy with our produce thus far.  Thanks to Shannon & Tony at Kenleigh Acres for such nice boys. 


And why “Dub” you ask?  Ever seen these cars?  They’re pretty goofy if you ask me, lowered, chopped, with fancy wheels on them.  Well, with a name like Debonaire, I was going to call him Debbie but Shannon made me feel bad for him so while I was at the Long Beach Grand Prix a few years ago I saw a booth by DUB with these supped up cars.  All the guys working the booth were pretty macho, gold chains, funny clothes and well I thought that our Dub looked lowered to the ground, he had fancy horns, and a fancy paint job so it just fit. 


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  1. I have an order for a pair of Jacobs for you 🙂 I need a price quote for him first, but he’d like a four horned ram and a ewe. I’d like it to have blue eyes, of course, if at all possible. I think he’d just flip if I showed up with a blue eyed sheep for him.

    Let me see if I can dig up your email…

    BTW…that ram up top is downright strange. But I know all about rams who live with and think they’re horses as our boy does the same.

  2. Those are some serious odd looking horns!

  3. Wow… handsome big guys!… I’ve never seen a ram with 4 horns before, theyre impressive

  4. Wow, what an amazing ram!!

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