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I’m just all about results here, even though it may be a day late… I just like to keep you in suspense.  Or, maybe it was just that I was so busy yesterday I couldn’t even get on here to tell you my decision!  But, here goes… The naming of the blue eyed beauties.

Here is the list that I received, and I must say I am very grateful and you obviously all had your thinking caps on.  I love every one of the names and am planning on keeping them for future use!  Okay, lets get on with it:

Sybil, Ella*, Charlotte, Violet, Elizabeth, Taylor, Skye, Azure, Lavender, Esther*, Emily, Luna, Beatrix, Laurencia, Rosalind, Cordelia, Lavinia, Elizabella, Esmeralda, Isabelle, Eleanor, Alice, Celia, Rose, Clare, Juliana, Camillia.

If the name has a * that means there was two that suggested that particular name.  But now I have to explain why I picked what I picked…

Sybil is a beautiful name and was a runner up for me.  Charlotte, while being a beautiful name and very attractive to me, I cannot use.  It is my mother in law’s name, aka “Charlie.”  I’m not too sure she’d be happy about me using her name although we did have a steer named Chuck whom we have been consuming and is also in our freezer.  Though, to me, Chuck is not exactly Charlotte.

Violet is a gorgeous name and very dear to me… I love Violet.  She’s my favorite ewe, born last year.  She gave us a very cute ram lamb this year.  See her photo above.

Lavender was a good contender but I think I’d like to name a sister of Violet’s, Lavender.  It fits so well… hopefully Sophia will have more ewe lambs next year.  I’ll save that as I am a true lavender lover. 

Skye and Azure made a whole lot of sense, I love those names.  I knew a horse named Azure once, she had a dark blue eye though wasn’t blinde.  I almost bought her but she was nabbed before I could decide for sure if I wanted her. 

Cordelia is a wonderful old fashioned name.  I always get a kick out of “Anne of Green Gables” when she wants to be called Cordelia instead of Anne.  And in honor of her, I named a ewe from last year Cordelia.  She just had her first baby yesterday, a lilac ram (photos to come!).

All the rest are wonderful old fashioned names.  I love them, ever single one.  But what really nailed it on the head for me was Ella and Elizabeth.  I like the idea of naming a lamb after Ella Fitzgerald, the singer whose song I completely butcher every time I sing it.  And no, Ella didn’t have blue eyes but I really like that song.  It is fun to sing and Blue Eyes Smiling at Me, it fits well around here.  Elizabeth is after, yep, Elizabeth Taylor.  What a good idea!  I just saw “The Taming of the Shrew” with Elizabeth Taylor as the main character.  She does have stunning beauty and her eyes are amazing.  How does one get lavender colored eyes anyway?  They’re incredible and I thought that our little babies with their incredible eyes would fit well.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Lovely names! I saw pictures of Mercy and Grace on your Flickr site – they are very pretty. I look forward to seeing pictures of your lilac ram.

  2. Love the names!

    We once named a ram Walter. I didn’t think about it at the time, but that was my grandfather’s name. We ate Walter. Darling loved the ‘Walteroni’, lol! It did feel a little funny eating something with my late grandfather’s name, though, so I think it’s a wise choice not to have used Charlotte =)

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