Blue Eyes Smiling at Me

Bea's 08 Twins

Okay, so maybe it’s blue skies but I’m not too sure how the lyrics of that song go.  My baby doesn’t mind, she likes it how ever I sing it to her.  But that’s not the reason of my post.  I am talking about blue EYES smiling at me!  For example:

Bea's Baby 08

This little tyke was born on the eleventh, and is one in two ewes born to Mud Ranch’s Beatrice (her friends call her Bea) and to Kenleigh’s Douglas or “Dudley.”  Dudley had a date with Bea this past fall and besides my mother in law’s pet ewe, Phoebe, that’s all the dates Dudley had!  But, he produce two gorgeous ewe lambs for me and two for my ma-in-law, Charlie.  Charlie is proud of her girls, Grace & Mercy, Mercy being a very sought after lilac but of course, Charlie will be keeping her girls so they’re not up for grabs.  I am extremely happy that Dudley has produce blue eyed babes for me in these two new girls.  We’ll probably be retaining them as I’d like to breed them to Debonaire and I hope to get blue eyed lilacs, if that’s at all possible.  That’s what is on the fore front of my mind though, and hopefully it’ll come true.  We’ll find out next year!

I’ll have to go over to the “studly hang out” otherwise known as my parent’s house where the boys are and take some photos for you.  Debonaire and Dudley are enjoying eachother’s company and are, I’m sure, dreaming of fall when they’ll once again be matched with some beautiful ewes to create more beautiful lambs like these two new girls.

If you can think of some names for these blue eyed beauties, (we prefer more old fashioned, exotic, or elegant) please leave me a comment!  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Your girls are lovely! I am going to my parent’s for a St. Pattys Day dinner tonight and my mom loves old fashioned names, so hopefully I’ll have some suggestions for you later.

  2. Really, really lovely ewes. My first thoughts are Sybil and Ella. Both real people with very blue eyes in my family. I look forward to seeing Charlie’s Grace and Mercy.

  3. Actually, it is “Blue Skies,” LOL! My favorite version is by Ella Fitzgerald. But who cares…”Blue Eyes” works, too!
    The woolie babies are just precious!
    Hey, both Molly and myself have the name “Ella” in our comments. Maybe that’s a sign!

  4. Stunning little ewes 🙂

    Here are a couple of names from the scottish contingency lol…

    Charlotte & Violet

  5. How about Elizabeth and Taylor–for a lavender-eyed legend. Saw a picture of her as a young woman last night–good grief, what beauty!

  6. Beautiful babies, When I think of blue the names that come to mind are Skye or Azure. Azure is a color half way between blue and Cyan on the color chart. Have fun with your new ones. Mary

  7. Oh my goodness they are so cute!

    I like the name lavendar for sheep for some reason.

    But how about Esther and Emily?

  8. Here are some names we came up with last night – Laurencia, Rosalind, Cordelia, Lavinia, and Elizabella.

  9. Wow, I had no idea sheep could have blue eyes, kind of like border collie sheep…LOL

  10. Oh, my! She’s just beyond cute! I love the blue eyes. LOVE them. And why have you got ewe lambs? Some people have all the luck 😀

  11. Esmeralda and Esther ( and I picked Esther before I read the earlier suggestion, so 2 votes for that name.)

    BTW, do nannys always have the same sex twins? (Showing my ignorance)

  12. Gorgeous girls, no wonder you’re proud! how about Isabelle, Eleanor, Alice, Celia, Rose, Clare / Claire [means light], Luna [means moon] … [or I could be really egotistical & suggest my own name – Juliana which means soft & fluffy – who was Queen of the Netherlands before Queen Beatrix]

  13. ohhhh, so sweet! I like Beatrix and Camillia. Do they know the genes that make blue eyes and lillac sheep? Is it like a grulla color? Love the pattern on the last girl, reminds me of spring clouds…. and the moustache and nose and little black feet. Oh dear, oh dear!

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