My Personal Body Guard

Web-DSC_0084-Abby, originally uploaded by MudRanch.

She may have a sweet face, but our little canine friend, Abby, has a streak in her that won’t allow for surprises. This morning she was sleeping around the back of the house that faces the pasture, enjoying the morning sun. I went out the front of the house, toward the truck and noticed our neighbor’s black lab, Sadie, was out for a stroll and a visit. While our houses aren’t near by, Sadie has grown accustomed to wandering around our little neighborhood and down our private dirt roads. None of us have ever minded and in fact, we’re all known to give her treats and then she moves on to the next house for some more.

Well, Sadie surprised Abby today. I walked out and Sadie was about 100 feet away from me and I greeted her loud enough, though not on purpose, for Abby to hear it. As Abby rounded the corner she saw Sadie running at me in a friendly way to me, but must have been threatening to Abby. Abby quickly turned on her ferocious bark and came charging. She quickly broadsided Sadie and nipped her in the rear end. Sadie, taken-a-back, nipped for a second and then turned and high tailed it to our gate at the front of the drive. Abby was hot on her heals and escorted her out the gate… Abby stopping and Sadie continuing on home. Abby was so upset that she was barking at the gate and barked all the way back to the house and wouldn’t quit even after she checked me out to see if I was okay. Funny girl… and good girl. I know I have a protector when I need one, I just hope she does that for the sheep like she’s supposed to.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. She’s a good girl. Sounds like she is territorial and not necessarily fixed on a person or thing. Sadie invaded her space and therefore was to be repremanded. I’m sure that Abby and Sadie have met may times before. She definatel took exception to Sadie’s manner. Sounds a bit like “Henryish”.
    –Grandpa Cookie–

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