A New Week and a New Life Dawns

Yesterday our little family made our way down to the Big City for church and our weekly grocery shopping / feed shopping / anything else shopping that we might need in the coming week.  We were on our way to a feed store that carries grain that my dear husband likes for the sheep (he’s kinda particular), and it is about fifteen minutes out of town opposite from where we come.  On both sides of the road there are pockets of little ranchettes who have horses and various kinds of animals and we’re always looking as we drive, just to see what’s new.  On the left hand side of the road about half way to the feed store, there is a good sized pasture that always had various types of equines with shelters that they make and are advertising for sale.  It is a place that always has you looking to see what is down there.  I was distracted with the opposite side of the road, but my dear husband was watching the left.  About thirty seconds after passing that area, I looked over to my husband and he had a puzzled look on his face. 

“What!?”  I said.  Rather nice huh?

“I could have sworn I just saw a mare lying down and pushing out a foal.  I saw her get up… there’s a black and white baby lying down there!”

“Well turn around and let’s go see!”  I said.

 So we hung a U turn and sure enough, there was a fresh babe trying to get up.  There was also an appy and a paint who were being way too curious about the new foal and the mama was starting to get a bit upset.  Being there before with our herd, we decided we had better go knock on the door of the owner’s and tell them about their surprise.  We had to drive around to a back road to get to their house, as we were on a main highway.  We were greeted by a loud German shepherd, thank goodness was all bark and no bite.  As it turns out, no one was home!  The appy and paint were getting way too bossy and we were still afraid the foal was going to get kicked in all the ruckus.  My dear husband went to the neighbors and they were able to call the owners of the new foal who owned a pet shop in the Big City.  The funniest part was their reaction told through the neighbor.  They claimed that it wasn’t their horse and that none of their horses were pregnant!  The neighbor insisted that it was theirs and in their pasture so the husband decided to start for home. 

My husband and I could see why he didn’t think it was his horse, there was a pasture right next to his that was filled with some chestnuts who belonged to the neighbor just down the road.  But, this was in fact his.  His beautiful black bay mare had given birth to a gorgeous black and white paint foal.  Imagine his surprise when he got home, a great way to start a new week.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Hmmmm….Maybe a welcome suprise or is it. Sounds like some denial there. Must be a good reason for not having a clue that you have a mare in foal……Makes me question it a bit. I personally would find welcoming!

  2. I agree Callie. I would welcome it as it is always exciting to have a new foal, but I’m kinda thinking that they must have bought the mare within the past year? Who knows, we had to get going and didn’t wait for the owner.
    I also can’t believe they didn’t notice the big belly!

  3. Good for you for checking in on her when you did. Sounds like you were meant to see that foal being born.

    I hop the foal has a good life.

  4. Ha! That’s too funny. I suspect they bought her and didn’t know she was bred. Were they well cared for?

    BTW…are you going to join up with Dixie and come have lunch with me next week on my drive down? I’ll have Photogchic (Equine Mine) traveling with me, too!

  5. Hah! The ranch we worked on had a similar surprise last winter! She was born in 40 below surrounded by a bunch of mules. When they found her her hoofs had separated from her coronary band and one of her ears had frostbite. She’s fine now though.

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