Deepest Sympathy


The Kiger world lost an ambassador this past Sunday.  Kiger Sundance was a very well known stallion in the Kiger world and always turned heads wherever he went.  He was truly magnificent, and he knew it.  He was sired by Steens Kiger and out of Kiger’s Mestena, both well known horses in the Kiger breed.  Sundance made both of those horses more famous through his fun personality, his smarts, his action, beauty, courage, and the way he could draw a crowd.  You always knew where Sundance was at a show or expo because of the people gathered around just to stare and ask questions.  He was a gentleman with people, always was sure to perform tricks with his handler, friend, and companion Roger.  His loss is deeply felt by his owner, Denise, as she always treasured Sundance.  He will remain with Denise as Roger has decided to have him cremated.

I am thankful for the many times that I was able to enjoy Sundance, at my home here in California, at the many shows and expos, and at Roger and Denise’s home in Washington state.  He was always a love and I never could take my eyes off of him… he was truly a majestic horse.

My deepest heartfelt sympathies to Roger & Denise of Double D Bar Kigers.

Sundance & Denise -- Northwestern Equine Expo

Denise on Sundance


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  1. Oh, what a shame……..Sorry to hear that. 😦

  2. WOW!!! What a stunning animal. It’s so hard to let go of the special ones. 😦

  3. What a magnificent horse. How truly sad to say good-bye. A real heartbreak. He will be remembered in love by many.

  4. Thank you ladies, he was an incredible horse and the sire of my gelding, Sunnie (dark dun in My Stars! post). He will definitely be missed, truly an animal I wish you could have met.

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