I Got Whacked

Yep, the virus came full circle, as I am sure it does all the time.  But this time, a new twist… thanks to MidwestHorsefor passing it along, now you can all know what kookie things my horses are known for.  Six things that are strange/quirky about my horses.

1.) Annie became pregnant on her first (accidental) date with Sunnie in the winter, the following winter we had a blessed little colt November 14th.  The day was sunny and she had him in the pasture where I prefer. 

2.) When our herd was up to the large number of 12, we were working on our barn and all the horses slowly made their way to sleep in and around where we were working.  Simon said that they were all pretending to sleep while they watched us put it up, only to know how to tear it down.

3.) Cali isn’t afraid of anything.  We were, you guessed it, working on our barn (it’s an eternal project) and we had a 12′ ladder open (the kind that look like an upside down V) and standing next to the barn, with no one on it — thank goodness.  Cali thought it would be neat to try the ladder on for size, she walked underneath the ladder and got it stuck on her withers, she then lowered her self very slowly and backed out, setting down the ladder gently.  Smart girl.

4.) Sunnie was found… well… sleeping with someone not of the equine community.

Sunnie & TBone

Yearling Sunnie w/ our bull TBone

5.) Don’t turn your dogs loose around here, they’re not safe.

Annie & Levi

Baby Annie chasing Levi… see that smile?!

6.) Don’t turn your cows loose either…

Sunnie & TBone

Sheeewwee, that was a trip down memory lane.  Old photos… now five years ago!


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Mom’s and my personal favorite. The Old Sun and T-Bone Sleeping. And in untouched photo form.

  2. Cool, thanks for playing. I love Sunnie sleeping on T-Bone…….very cute!

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