The Kigers — My thoughts in a nut shell II.

Yes, I am happy to make the decision not to breed.  I am glad that life has lead me down this different path although it is different than my childhood dream of breeding.  I enjoyed it while I was able to, but really it isn’t the best thing for me or the horses right now.  I’ve learned that with today’s market, there are many many horses in need of homes, many horses being passed from owner to owner kind of like Black Beauty; a story that I really don’t think is for children although maybe it teaches us a good lesson?  I really had a hard time watching my babies leave here and wondering who they would be passed on to.  Sure, I could put in some excellent ground manners and hope for the best but people are people and they can sure ruin a good horse.  Not that that has happened to me (that I know of), and I am very proud to be in touch with a few of my babie’s owners who are wonderful ladies (you know who you are).  But there is still that ache in wondering…  So, I find myself in the position of owning some beautiful horses who are wonderful in their own quirky ways.  They’ll never be bred again (unless for my own use), my stallion was gelded and what a blessing that was!  I am sad to see that so many people are still breeding, or are starting a breeding program for the Kigers today with all the wrong goals in mind.  They are just doing it to make more babies.  We don’t need more babies, we need more homes!  There are so many excellent, proven bloodlines going south of the border to the meat market.  What are we doing still producing?  To me, that’s not good horse husbandry. 

Mud Ranch Foals '06

Some of my fellow Kiger lovers will laugh at me, they’ll think that I’m being some hypocrite, but I’d only be a hypocrite if I were still breeding.  And yes, I’ve had some changes in thought, I’ve had some convictions, some changes in life; I still love the horses very much and that is why I’ve taken the new route.  A route to promote the ones I have, not produce more. 

Lucy & Noche -- '06 Mud Ranch Foals

And I did produce some beauties.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Interesting. I always wondered about these horses. There used to always be an ad for them in the Western Horseman and i always wanted to know more about them. Thanks for filling me in!

  2. Thank-you for taking a responsible route. Though it must have been difficult.

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