Happy Birthday Frud!


To the most complicated simple person I know; engineer, designer, assembler, machinist, sparky, fashion conscious, wood stacker / collector, feeder of our livestock when we’re gone, card shark, bridge playing, tractor tracker, computer whiz, latte drinkin’, food beggin’, mashed potatoe makin’, picture taking hatin’, icy road slider, car wash beggin’, non-wood bowl eater, pa-in-law.  Hope your day is great… and maybe I’ll make you another latte on the house.  And this is the reaction I’ll get to that last statement…


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Sounds like Frud is a handy guy to have around, he looks like a real happy chappy

    Send him our best wishes for a very happy birthday!

  2. Thanks Townie… I’ll let him know you wished him the best. 😀 He is a good “Frud.”

  3. That’s a picture takin’ hatin’ look? Good golly, you’ve got it good, girl! City Boy would never give me a smile like that, let alone twice! Hope Frud had a wonderful birthday.

    BTW…I’m slow…you’re on the mustang forum, right? Except you don’t post very often… But a friend of Dixie? Am I right? Huh? Am I?

  4. Hey desperatehorsewife, glad to see you over here! Actually, Frud is my FIL… my DH’s father. My CityBoy usually gives me a goofy look or a smile… depending on the mood. My FIL absolutely hates cameras so I’m good at stickin’ them in his face. That last photo of him smiling is his “I’m giving up” laugh. 😉

  5. Well, he seems to be a good sport about it.

    Now that you’ve sent me the link, I can come visit. No idea why wordpress is telling me it’s invalid. Another gal is showing up the same way, and she used to have a link that worked, so no clue what’s going on.

    Have you seen my mustang blog? I don’t post there as often, but try to do a couple posts a week.

  6. Beautiful pics Joan! I love the series of geese/ducks. the preening shots are just great. How much snow did you get? Scott said NoCal was predicted to get 10 feet in areas…hoping that all didn’t drop on you guys.

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