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Forget “Aaahhh Spring.”

Never-mind yesterday’s post.  I was feeling optimistic.  Today… well… we’ve been getting snow storms coming in all week, but today… that’s an understatement.  I write this at 8:07 (after attempting to feed my animals with the feed truck, getting stuck sideways in our driveway, moving my DH’s land rover to the end of our ‘community road’, walking back, seeing my Dad, flagging him down, him pulling out our feed truck that was un-stuck-now-stuck-again in the ‘community road’, watching DH try to turn it around, getting stuck right next to our pasture fence, feeding the poor animals who’re begging to be fed as the hay is within reaching distance over the fence, pulling the truck out with the land rover this time, watching DH try to pack down the snow and make tracks for me to drive the truck through, round and round and round he went, jumping in the truck to finally bring her to rest at home…)


We’ve got about a foot and quickly building.


An optimistic llama.


Ever seen a perturbed llama?  Now you have.

Barn Kitties

Ever seen perturbed barn kitties?  Now you have.

Granny Smith

How about a perturbed Granny Smith Apple tree?

Okay, so my point is, if you haven’t heard from me by the end of the week, send help immediately.  This snow aint lettin’ up and I’m feeling buried alive.

And the power shall be out in approximately .29 seconds.

Eat your heart out Tracey, (and please feel sorry for me.)

Favorites Wednesday — Aaaahhh, Spring.

Wilson Ranch House

My neighbor’s house… with a little of my pasture in front of it, but they make a great combonation.  This house is the original ranch house for our property, their property and the land that goes down in to town that has been subdivided.  The original ranch being named ‘Mud Ranch.’  We bought the last remaining property from the actual family (the last piece they let go of) once one of the brothers died of old age and his wife couldn’t keep up ours and hers located in Oregon. 

I shall not covet, but that house is gorgeous.  They recently re-did it, moved it back off the road by a few feet, re-did the floors to inlaid pine with walnut patterns, vintage style wall paper, marble entry way with a sun room… it’s incredible the work they put in to it.  I am thankful that this 1800’s beauty has been restored.  It was originally a stage stop for the main stage coming from our big city an hour away by car.  By stage coach, probably around 14 hours.  So it is located on the main road coming into town, and I mean before they moved it back, that thing was right on the road.  That’s one thing I am not envious of, our house is hidden from the road, and that’s the way I like it. 

Our neighbors couldn’t be better though.  They love to see our animals out their front windows, they’ve let us fence off part of their land for more pasture… free pasture, and they’re very handy with construction tools and cooking!  What more could you want in a neighbor?  No, really they’re awesome and we are blessed to be their friends.