Monthly Archives: December 2007



Yup, like I said its snowing today and did yesterday too.  Just wanted to post a couple of photos (and figure out how to work this new blog of mine).


This is Abby or Abigail, depending on the mood I’m in at the moment.  She’s our “LGD” aka Livestock Guard Dog.  Well, she’s only a few months old but give her time and she’ll be after those pesky coyotes.  They won’t know what hit ’em!

Sunnie & Cali

These are two of my lovely horses, they’re checking out the llama herd moving in across the street.

Oh, what else would we do in the snow, except hang out and run around?  That’s what my animals like anyway… off to feed.  That’s all I do anymore.


My name is Joan.  I live in a small town in a large state; one of the largest in the 50.  I come from a small family and was born and raised in the town in which I live.  I married in to a large family, they’re all kinda crazy but I think that’s why I’m attracted to them.  They come from the city, my parents come from the city, and I was born in the country.  The country runs through my veins and I cannot imagine living anywhere else but.  I love the mountains, rivers, lakes and meadows that surround me.  We get snow here, albiet usually the slushy mooshy kind, but yesterday and today its the dry beautiful kind.  Perfect for taking photos while feeding the “kids.”

My Care-Takers
It’s quite a group to take care of, but I love it anyway.  We currently have these five equines, three pregnant cows, one heifer calf, one bull calf, 20 jacob sheep, one llama, two house dogs, one livestock guard dog, two house cats, two barn cats… and one two legged lovely lady named Annie.

Annie Adele

She’s the newest apple of our eyes.  I am married to a wonderful, hard working man of five and a half years.  We’ve worked hard to make our place what it is, and he works hard to provide for me and all our creatures that we take care of.  He’s also building me the barn of my dreams, but more on that later. 

I hope you enjoy my musings and I will enjoy writing my daily thoughts and dreams here… exposed.