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We’ve been out riding the range…

Leave us a message, we might call you back.

Quad Riding

Bye bye!

Did I mention…

That it snowed?  Yeah, still today too.  My animals, they’re not too thrilled anymore.  At first it was like “Let’s run around in this cool stuff (cool as in neat)!”  So they did… well, now it’s all about eating.  That’s all they required this morning.  No “Let’s show off for the camera!” or anything.  Nope, just more along the lines of, “Get your butt out here lady!” 


That’s Cali out my backdoor…


That’s Lois (the sheep) and Carmellita out my front door… did you know llamas could be bossy?


That’s Dub standing on the up-side-down feeder.  He’s our current flock sire and is nick-named after those fancy cars that are all pimped out and they put on those stickers that say “DUB.”  Yep, he thinks he’s a pimped out ram who is chopped too.


The “locals;” aka quail for all you city folks.

So I did… I went out and fed again.

Feed Truck

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And there was Peace on Earth.




Little show off, like he has anything to worry about… sitting next to the fire keeping the chair warm.